These are a few of my favourite things

wildfox bel air belair sunglasses in black round shaped

Every so often, I like to do a blog post which compiles all my current favourite things, it might  be food, fashion, jewellery, events, vintage… anything, just as long as it’s a favourite!

Wildfox Sunglasses 

Oh Lordy! I spied these Wildfox Sunglasses ages ago and I have been desperate for them for probably about a year now! I am so happy I finally have them!!!

van cleef and arpels reve perfume parfam

Van Cleef & Arpels Perfume 

It’s officially Spring and I am busting out some more Summery accessories and perfumes. My current favourite perfume is Van Cleef & Arpels Rêve Enchanté Limited Edition. It’s sweet and juicy like fresh picked pears and clementines. There is a hint of jasmine and lily of the Valley in the heart notes and beautiful white amber and musk at the base notes!

next denim jacket perfect for craft project next denim jacket perfect for craft project


I used to craft a lot, but it has been ages since I picked up a needle and made / customised something. I was super proud of myself for patching this denim jacket though, I think it looks pretty badass! See me wearing it here!

rad rocks jewellery crystal low cost

Rad Rocks Jewellery

I love a good piece of crystal jewellery and these pieces by Rad Rocks make me so happy! They are a beautiful shade of purple and super affordable too! Perfect for festival season!

clarins instant light radiance boost complexion base

Clarins Make-up

When I first started using make-up my mum bought me quite a few pieces of Clarins make-up, I never realised how good it was as I didn’t really have anything to compare it to, until I had to start buying my own make-up when I hit university. I have recently rediscovered Clarins make up and remembered just how good it is! This Instant Light Radiance Base gives me such a good skin tone, it feels great on my skin and makes me look naturally bright as well as generally really healthy, I have clear and pale skin, so all I really want is to look healthy and even, all I use is a little powder on top, but you can mix it with your foundation too if you want a little more coverage. I love the Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzer for adding a little colour to my skin as well as some contours. Isn’t it amazing how you can fake high cheekbones?! As for the eyeshadow, that just adds a pretty rose gold glow to my eyes, which is all I want as I always wear quite heavy eyeliner. Perfect! It’s so nice to rediscover old favourites!

floris london room scent

Home Scents

I love burning scented candles my flat and I recently got this amazing home fragrance duo from Floris London. The fragrance is new, Stephanotis & Ylang Ylang and what I like to do, is when I come home from a long day is, spray a little of the room scent as I light the candle. I enjoy the burst of fresh orange blossom, ylang ylang and sandalwood from the room scent as then as the lit candle melts the wax the scent slowly fills the room as the room spray settles down! It’s a really lovely way to enjoy a home scent and this scent is a real dream!

hiho silver snaffle bracelet and belt bangle

Hiho Silver Jewellery

Words can’t really describe how much I love these two bracelets! I think they are just beautiful, I could happily wear them every single day! I keep going on the Hiho Silver website to see what I want to buy next! I’m totally smitten!

Aspinal of London x Etre Cecile Card Holder

Aspinal of London x être Cecile

One of my favourite events at the last LFW was the Aspinal of London x Etre Cecile presention. I literally loved every single bag in the collection and I was lucky enough to be given this card holder. It is a bright blue rubberised leather and it has a really smiley face on it. It has total 90’s rave vibes, but of course, in a chic Aspinal of London way! Want to see the card holder in action, check here!

boden bella slingbacks and chanel sweets sweeties necklace

Boden Bella Slingbacks

Oh my! Are these the prettiest shoes in the world?! When I spotted them on the Boden website I knew I had to have them. I instantly fell in love with the soft pointed toe and the beautiful dusty pink embellishments. These are so special, I am almost considering saving them for my wedding day as it might be nice to have a flat shoe option. I just love them!

cath kidston overnight handbag bag

Cath Kidston 

I recently went away for the weekend and I took this overnight bag which I got from Cath Kidston. I absolutely love the print, the leather trim is stunning and it is both cute but luxe. I feel like Cath Kidston have really upped their game recently, I have aways loved their prints, but now that they are mixing it with subtle logos and leather finishing, it’s really getting me excited!

sisley fr paris concenre eclat anti age serum

Sisley Paris

Oh my word! I recently discovered Sisley Paris Serum and it is unbelievable. It literally does everything you could ever dream from a serum. It hydrates, firms, smooths out lines and makes your skin more radiant. It isn’t cheap, but I have been using this for a while now and it is still going strong. I love it so much, I think I might buy this for my mother for her birthday as I know she will adore it too. The most noticeable effect, is on my smile lines, it seems to diminish them and lift them. It’s amazing. I want the whole range now!!!

next drumstick handbag clutch bag novelty bag

Drumstick Lolly

I’m so obsessed with this Drumstick lolly handbag by Next! It’s so cute and if you don’t want to use it as a clutch bag, you can just whip out the chain strap which is inside the bag! Pretty cute right? It’s also perfect to wear as a mini bag for when you want to double bag!

moschino handbag barbie jeremy scott clutch bag with chain strap

Moschino Handbag

On the other end of the budget, I love this Moschino Handbag! I love it so much… Pink… Check! Barbie… Check! Moschino…. Check!

clarks x orla kiely shoes orla dotty flower heel

Clarks X Orla Kiely Shoes

Clarks and Orla Kiely have been working together for the past 3 seasons now to product a line of shoes together. I love Clarks, I love Orla Kiely, I love these the shoes they create together! They combine all the retro chic of Orla Kiely and all the comfort and cobbler-knowhow of Clarks. Together it is a really beautiful and affordable collaboration!

What are you current favourites?