Perfume: Jo Loves ‘Pomelo’

jo loves perfume cologne Pomelo

Jo Loves ‘Pomelo’

Jo Loves is the new perfume venture of Jo Malone CBE. She founded and built the brand Jo Malone London and later sold the company to Esteé Lauder, many of most iconic Jo Malone fragrances were created by Jo herself and she truly is a pioneer of the perfumery world. When I met Jo herself, which was a dream come true, she told me her personal favourite fragrance of the collection is Jo Loves ‘Pomelo’ and today I want to tell you more about that fragrance.

Jo Loves ‘Pomelo’ Inspiration

Inspired by memories of summer holidays, white sandy beaches, fresh linen sheets and sparkling iced water, this mouth-watering Grapefruit-infused Citrus is sharp, refreshing, and instantly energising.

What Jo Says Of Pomelo…

“I surround myself with Pomelo

wherever I go, it’s the

fragrance that causes people

to stop me in the street to ask

what I’m wearing.”

-Jo Malone


Pink Pomelo



Pomelo Zest

Jo Loves ‘Pomelo’ Review

I absolutely love this perfume; it’s citrus sharp, fresh and clean.  Pomelo is part of the grapefruit family and has that citrus zing and zest, it’s elegant and exciting and like a breathe of fresh air on a hot sunny day. It’s bright, fresh and citrusy, with notes of dry, grassy, warm vetiver. There is also a wonderfully woodsy dry base of pomelo which is earthy and slightly powdery too. It’s truly the most magical fragrance which is fresh, simple and wonderfully uplifting. If you could bottle joy, this is what it would smell like! If you are a fan of Jo Malone’s first brand and you love perfumes Lime Basil Mandarin and Grapefruit, then I think you will love this fragrance too! It’s warm, wonderful and exhilarating! Also, speaking of Lime Basil Mandarin, then it’s well worth thinking looking into Jo by Jo Loves which is also a wonderful fragrance and feels like an update to her iconic creation with a slightly woodsier base.

jo loves perfume cologne Pomelo

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