Perfume: Bulgari ‘Eau Parfumée’ Collection

bulgari perfume blue green white red tea eau de the

A few weeks ago I went to the incredible Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge to learn a little more about the Bulgari Eau de Thé collection of perfume. The collection is unisex and perfume as a spirit of freedom, peace and calm, no matter where in the world you are. Each fragrance is inspired by a different tea and has a slightly different spirit and ambiance. The collection is made up of four perfumes; au thé Vert, au thé blanc, au thé bleu and au thé rouge.

au thé Vert

Au thé Vert was the first ever perfume to be created by Bulgari and the first ever perfume to be inspired by tea, where Bulgari went, everyone else followed and now tea scented perfumes are commonplace. They wanted to capture the invigorating freshness of green tea, and bridge the gap between East and West. Au thé Vert is invigorating, fresh and serene. It has notes of coriander, orange blossom and bergamot.

au thé blanc

Au thé blanc took inspiration from Au thé Vert and explored precious white tea and it’s more soft and soothing qualities. It has notes of musk, jasmine and artemisia which make the perfume soft and calming, and I think a little more feminine.

au thé bleu

Au thé bleu is inspired by Oolong tea, it has the feeling of air, balance and escape. It has notes of lavender, grapefruit and iris blossom. It’s fresh, calming and modern. Personally, I find this fragrance a little more masculine, I felt it worked better on my boyfriends skin than my own.

au thé rouge

Finally, au thé rouge, is inspired by red bush tea (Rooibos tea) which is from South Africa. It is warmer and more sensual, it has much more heat with orange, pink pepper and bergamot.

My Thoughts, His Thoughts

Personally, my favourite fragrance in the collection is au thé rouge, I love the warmth of the red tea, fig and pink pepper. It’s the most glamorous and sensual of the collection and I  love the heat of it. Coincidentally, I love drinking rooibos tea and whenever I drink it, I always enjoy the scent.

All the perfumes in this collection are unisex, so of course I gave them to my man to test out to see how they work on his skin. His favourite of the four is au thé bleu, he loves the freshness of the grapefruit and lavender. It’s modern and whilst it isn’t overly strong, it has a real strength and  confidence to it. Beautiful!

Have you tried Bulgari Eau de Thé collection yet?

bulgari perfume blue green white red tea eau de the