Innocent Unplugged Festival: 24 Hours Without a Phone Challenge

innocent unplugged 24 hours without a phone challenge

This weekend the team at Innocent challenged me to turn my phone off for the weekend. My boyfriend always complains that I am never off my phone and I have to agree, it’s true. Once I have checked Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all my email addresses, it’s time to start the cycle again. It’s rediculous! So I accepted the challenge, not for 48 hours, but for 24 hours, because I know I don’t have that kind of will-power!

So, why did Innocent challenge me to turn off my phone? Because this weekend they are hosting a festival called Innocent Unplugged. There is no wifi, no 3g and no traditional electricity. They are encouraging everyone to turn off their phones, relax and enjoy the festival. They kindly offered me tickets to the festival, but I couldn’t attend, but I thought I would take part in 24 hours of no phone, just to see if I could!

So how did I get on? 

Embarrassingly, pretty badly! I woke up in the morning, rolled over and checked my phone. I was half way through posting an instagram picture to promote a blog post I published the night before when I remembered I was meant to have my phone off. I posted the picture and left my phone.

My boyfriend was sound asleep and since I was wide awake and not able to play on my phone, I got up and started to tidy the flat. I went into my spare room and tried to organise my jewellery a little (it’s been a recently mission of mine) and I generally had a tidy up of my handbags and beauty products. Innocent had kindly sent me some smoothies, an Fuji Mini 8 camera and some fun activities like stationary and a colouring in book. So I did have some fun colouring in and whilst I didn’t write any letters, I might send one soon to surprise a friend!

About half an hour later, my mum text me to remind me it was my future sister-in-law’s birthday as well as her horses’ 21st Birthday. I figured I would break the no-phone rule and text my brothers fiancé and instagram a picture of Bobby the Horse to celebrate her 21st birthday. Then my mum called to ask me what a regram is and we had a nice chat.

Once again, I left my phone and eventually my boyfriend got up and we had breakfast. We had a chat about what we would do with the day and I said I was *trying* not to use my phone or computer today and he told me that he had some work to do. I was pretty impressed with my self control, as he did about 3 hours of work, I decided to get out my sewing box and do a little craft project which I have been meaning to do for a few weeks.

A few weeks ago I decided I really wanted to denim jacket with patches all over, I had spent the last few weeks collecting up patches and a jacket and all I needed to do was sit down and spend some time figuring out which patches to use and where on the jacket to sew them. With no phone to distract me, I had a really fun few hours crafting. I couldn’t be happier with my new jacket. See me wearing it here!

After a few hours of sewing, I rewarded myself with 5 minutes on my phone, I instagrammed a photo quickly and checked my twitter. My boyfriend still had his head in his laptop working, but he said he was nearly done so I hopped into the shower to wash my hair and get ready for the day. By the time I was finished in the bathroom my boyfriend had finished his work and we went out for a walk and to buy some groceries for the week.

We came home and took some photos of my outfit and then we had a cup of tea together and a chat about what to have for dinner. I wanted salad as we had just bought a whole fridge full of health and he wanted chips. We settled on salad and chips for dinner and we jumped in the car to get chips from a traditional East End chippy! We came home, ate and relaxed on the sofa together. Saturday nights should always be naughty!

Ironically, I’m a complete phone / laptop addict and my boyfriend isn’t, yet he is the one who spent most of the morning on him laptop whilst I sewed patches on a jacket. I allowed myself a few minutes every few hours to post a picture on Instagram and check twitter (I was worried people might have thought I had died!) but for the most part, I barely used my phone or computer.

I hope everyone at Innocent Unplugged had a fun time and thank you to Innocent for sending me a box of fun things to do and a Fuji film Instax Mini 8 camera. I have been wanting one of these for ages, so it was a real treat! I discovered I can’t go a day without playing on my phone, but it has shown me that I can give myself 5 minutes every few hours to have a quick fix before I carry on my day!

fuji film mini 8 instant camera blue pale blue pretty

soap and glory sugar crush shower gel

charlotte tilbury vintage vamp lipstick rose gold

anya hindmarch fashion flakes corn flakes frosties cereal

anti stress colouring in book for adults

diy project patched denim jacket diy project patched denim jacket

fashion for lunch instant fuji film instax mini 8 camera photo

hipster traditional chip shop east london victoria park

See something you like? 

Fuji film Instax Mini 8 camera – Super fun for capturing the moments! I need to play around with the settings as some of my outside pictures were a little overexposed. I love these cute snaps!

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact Powder – Now that the sun is coming out, I am bronzing up every day to try and make my pale skin look a little healthier! This Clarins Bronzer gives me the glow I want and I also love to use it to add contours to my face.

Freedom at Topshop Necklace – This semi precious stone necklace was too nice to leave on the shelf! I love the store, it almost looks like marble, which we all know I love!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush and Breakfast scrub – Since my boyfriend was hard at work I decided to have an extra long shower where I washed my hair and used a body scrub. I’m a big fan of Soap & Glory and their sweet, delicious scents and great value products. My current favourite is Sugar Crush! It always brightens my mornings!

Charlotte Tilbury Vintage Vamp – I’m not the kind of girl who can wear barely there make-up and look fabulous, I need all the help I can get and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and lipliners are the one!!!

Aromatherapy Associates Support Breathe Essence – I’m completely addicted to this oil, it’s packed full of essential oils like eucalyptus and peppermint it helps clears colds when you are ill, and when you are not ill, it helps clear your head of stress. I put a few drops on my pillow each night and it really helps me sleep and I wake up feeling great!

H&M Marble Effect Ceramic Plate – I got this little cutie on the H&M website, I thought it might be good to help my current jewellery issues.

Alex Monroe Crab Necklace – I got this from Hiho Silver who are an official stockist of Alex Monroe jewellery. I love the design and it has a tiny diamond in it too. My star sign is cancer, so this is perfect for me!

Mickey Mouse Watch – I usually get the time from my phone, so I forced myself to use my watch to tell the time all day. My watch is by Disney and I got it from QVC. Cute right?

Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream – Not only am I a phone addict, but I’m also a hand cream addict. This is my current favourite, it’s rich velvety, natural and well, super moisturising.