White Out!

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag cross body handbag

A few weeks ago I did a this post all themed around pink. Today I was feeling white vibes and I thought it might be fun to do something similar with my more neutral items in my wardrobe. I love white as it’s so beautiful and clean, whilst I would never wear white trousers or a while summer dress, I love a while accessory and white for the home and bathroom too.

Vintage Linda Farrow Sunglasses

I bought these about 10 years ago, at the time the Linda Farrow brands wasn’t what it is now and I hadn’t actually heard of Linda Farrow at the time. I just loved the sunglasses and I thought they were really special. Years later I realised what they were, I love having an original vintage pair of Farrow sunglasses!

Fiorelli Handbag

I dream of owning a crisp white Chanel bag, but quite frankly, I have gotten my green on grubby enough, so I just wouldn’t dare. Luckily for me, there are some other beautiful white handbags out there, like this Fiorelli handbag. I love the crisp white with the textured leather. The zips are nice and chunky and add a little edge and I wear it cross body or over my shoulder. It’s a handy little handbag and it’s really great quality too!

I love a Lassie Necklace

Ok, so my jewellery is not so white, but it’s kind of neutral. This necklace is a coiled piece of string by I Love a Lassie, it’s an old favourite of mine! I really love it!

Charbonnel et Walker Truffles

I go nuts for these Charbonnel et Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles, they are so delicious! They are a coffee table favourite of mine, have you tried them yet?

Chanel Pearls

I wear these Chanel pearls a lot, whilst they did cost a small fortune, price per wear, the cost is rapidly going down! I love them!

Annick Goutal Candle

It’s only a mini candle, so I have been resisting burning it, so until I do, it’s such a beautiful ornament for my bedside table. Occasionally I get a hint of the Annick Goutal L’ile au Thé scent and the porcelain holder is so pretty.

Diptyque Wardrobe Scent

I bought one of these for me, and one for my boyfriend. Gradually they both became mine. It is a Diptyque scented wax block which you can keep in a wardrobe to make everything smell beautiful. I have one in my underwear drawer and the second in my wardrobe. They are a bit of a luxury, but it’s rather lovely!

Floris London Candle

I love Floris London, they are the oldest perfumery in the UK and one of the oldest in the world. I love their beautiful fragrances and this Stephanotis & Ylang Ylang scented candle is really beautiful. It first hits you with a burst of fresh orange blossom and then hits you with jasmine and sandalwood.

Marble Effect Necklace

Marble print is so hot right now, but I was pretty surprised to find this Next marble effect necklace. I’m so sorry the colour is slightly bleached on it, so you can’t see the full effect, but maybe head over to their website to see it!

For All My Eternity Products

These For All My Eternity products actually come free with any Fiorelli bag from the #Fiorelli24seven collection. That’s a pretty good reason to go shopping!

Birkinstock Sandals 

I have black Birkinstock sandals which I absolutely adore, I wore them non-stop in Bali earlier this year. When I spied these white Birkinstock Sandals on the Jones Bootmakers website I knew I had to have them. I just thought they were the coolest and most beautiful sandals ever! Best. Things. Ever!!! I can’t wait to rock these in summer with everything from bright colours to all black with white statement shoes and the Fiorelli handbag to match!

All white everything, what do you think? 

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag cross body handbag

next marble print statement necklace effect

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag cross body handbag

chanel classic pearl necklace long length with annick goutal scented candle

for all my eternity tan saving shower gel

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag

i love a lassie coiled silver pendant necklace

white birkinstock sandals two straps

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag cross body handbag

diptyque no 34 boulevard saint germain wax scented block

vintage linda farrow sunglasses with white fiorelli handbag cross body handbag