Work: A Great Start To The Day

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A year and a half ago, I quit my job to work freelance. At first I was doing lots of freelance work in fashion, but gradually my blog going busier and busier and now I work blogging pretty much full time. I am really lucky, as this is not possible for everyone to blog full time, but somehow I make it work and life is good! One of the best things about blogging full time, is my mornings. Gone are the days of alarm clocks, burnt toast and power-walking to work with wet half and half-finished make-up. Mornings are now my favourite part of the day!

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I tend not to set my alarm clock and instead I wake up naturally at about 7/8am. I usually prod my boyfriend awake and then he runs to our local supermarket for fresh croissants, juice and berries for breakfast. Whilst he is picking up breakfast, I get the crockery, cutlery and jams out ready for breakfast. We always try and have breakfast together, as it’s such a nice time to share. He always has a cup of tea and I always opt for coffee, I am currently drinking Vita Coco Cafe Latte which is my favourite thing as it’s delicious and a little healthier than my regular lattes.

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After breakfast, we take it in turns to shower and get ready for the day. I always love to have a revitalising shower with a great shower gel. Nothing quite kick starts your body like a hot shower! Once I am clean and moisturised, I set about starting work for the day. I generally check twitter and instagram first; I like to see what people are up to and do a post or two, before downloading my emails and making a things-to-do list. I try really hard to keep an ideas note book close to hand, as well as my diary so I can keep on top of all my events and meetings. If I am ever needing a little inspiration, I often check Pinterest, as there are so many useful infographics on there as well as beautiful imagery, it’s great tool to help me feel inspired.

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At around 11am, I am usually starting to loose a little concentration, I might find myself browsing instagram for a little *too* long or emailing friends with long rambling emails, which is when I reach for another Vita Coco Cafe Latte. It gives me the 10 minutes I need to refocus and maybe change tasks, like start taking new photos for future blog posts. Either way, it gives me a mid-morning kick of energy and I love the taste! I have such a sweet tooth, especially when it comes to coffee, when I go to coffee houses, I always ask if they make caramel lattes and if they don’t I add an embarrassing amount of sugar instead. I even have coffee syrups at home as I can’t drink coffee without. Vita Coco Cafe Latte contain a shot of expresso and they are made using 100% natural coconut water rather which is naturally sweet and gives you a natural boost of energy. Not only is coconut water better for you than milk, but the natural sweetness means that you don’t need to add sugar to it. For me, it is a bit of a revelation, as I am constantly trying to cut back on my sugar intake, but when I add so much sugar to my coffee, it’s almost impossible. These Vita Coco lattes give me the coffee I want, with the sweetness I want, without the added sugar. Along with all these benefits it is also faster than brewing a regular coffee, think of it as #lessbrewingmoredoing!

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I usually continue working until about 1pm where I have lunch, sometimes with a friend, sometimes at home, or sometimes I book a lunch meeting. Then back to work, either out for the afternoon at press days / meetings, or blogging from home.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my morning, this post was supported by Vita Coco, who’s coconut water I often drink and Lattes I always drink!



  1. April 13, 2015 / 9:28 am

    Blogging full time is my ultimate goal! Congrats for taking the leap 🙂
    Have a great day!

    • fashionforlunch
      April 13, 2015 / 9:39 am

      Thanks Karen and good luck with it!!! xxxxx

  2. April 13, 2015 / 12:08 pm

    Dreamy 🙂 I have a similar breakfast routine with my hubby on our days off! He does the breakfast run too, aren’t we lucky! As you already know I love your work and find it inspiring x x x

    • fashionforlunch
      April 13, 2015 / 10:41 pm

      It’s a pretty great start to the day! we are lucky aren’t we!! So glad you like my blog! xxxx

  3. Natalie
    April 13, 2015 / 1:08 pm

    I’m jealous of your life…

    • fashionforlunch
      April 13, 2015 / 10:41 pm

      Ah you are too kind! xxx

    • fashionforlunch
      April 29, 2015 / 10:09 pm

      Hi! Feel free to email me!