Perfume: Terry de Gunzburg ‘Terryfic Oud’

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‘A fragrance with extreme character, using an excessive amount of rare and precious raw materials.

Terryfic Oud is a distinguished and mysterious fragrance with woody, resinous, balsamic and smoky notes, created in Grasse by Jean-Michel Santorini, like an arabesque of warm and oriental notes.

The opening is fresh and sparkling, followed by a powdery floral heart which mellows into the powerful and carnal notes in the base of the fragrance to leave a voluptuous trail.’

Terryfic Oud

Think of Leather, oud and warmth, with a hit of heady rose, iris and berries. Oud can be quite a dark, smoky, heavy scent, but blended in the right way, it can be lifted to make a a scent which is exotic and super special. Terry de Gunzburg perfumes always use the best ingredients and to produce their perfumes. They are not for the faint hearted, which is what makes them so much fun!


Top Notes: Oud

Heart Notes: Rose, Iris, Red berries

Base Notes: Patchouli, Musk, Amber

My Thoughts

Terry de Gunzburg perfumes are unique. Most of the perfumes, have the odd note which is a little unexpected, it can sometimes take me a little while to figure out if I love it, or if I am not so sure. This perfume is the exception to the rule, Terryfic Oud, smells like the perfect oud and rose absolute perfume should, it’s classic with no surprises. It is a smoky, leathery oud with a warm, heady hit of red roses. The rose lifts the oud to give it sensuality and femininity, and the Iris, Red Berries and base notes add the sweetness and powdery tones it needs. When I think of a feminine oud perfume, this is exactly what I want it to smell like, yet I cannot think of one which smells quite as fabulous as Terryfic Oud.

I love this perfume and so does my boyfriend. When I wear it, it has a heavy, glamorous smokiness which blends beautifully with the roses and musk to make it fabulous yet feminine. When my boyfriend wears it, he takes on more leathery, woody notes. While this scent is unisex, I love it so much, I don’t want to share it!

Want more? 

While Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud is fabulous and I adore it, if you have a little extra cash and you want something really fancy, keep an eye on the Harrods website, as they have an exclusive version of this perfume coming out. It is in a stunning ornate gold bottle and it has a few extra ingredients which add a little extra something-something to the scent.