Men’s Grooming: Decléor

decleor mens shaving shave range clove essential oil

I recently blogged about Decléor and their new body care range Aroma Nutrition. In the blog post I mentioned that my first introduction to the Decléor brand was through my boyfriend. He is a massive fan of their natural skin care and his enthusiasm for the brand was so infectious, it made me want to hop on-board the Decléor train! 

My boyfriend always takes great care of his skin and as a result it always looks flawless. He never has a blemish or even an uneven skintone. If I’m honest, I’m jealous! He takes good care of his skin and an important part of his skin care routine is a good wet shave. A bad shave can leave his skin irritated, sore and give him ingrown hairs. He has oodles of skin care and shaving products, but his all-time favourite is Decléor. He always tells me it’s the best and nothing else compares. I thought it was about time I shared his thoughts on the Decléor Mens Collection. 

Express Shave Foam Gel

He first discovered Express Shave Foam Gel when he went to one of London’s top male grooming parlours. He had a great relationship with his barber and even thought the salon was aligned to a different skincare brand, he shared with him his secret favourite shave gel, which was Decléor. Since then, my boyfriend has often treated himself to this product and it is the best he has ever found. He tells me it lathers up like a dream, smells of Cloves and Eucalyptus and contains a healthy dose of Aloe Vera. It gives him a close, comfortable shave, without any irritation and leaves his skin smooth and invigorated (thanks to the Peppermint Oil.)

Aromessence Triple Action Shave Perfector 

Aromessence Triple Action Shave Perfector product is a nourishing oil which is used before and after shaving. It helps lift any ingrown hairs and soften skin and hair to prepare it for shaving. After shaving, he uses it again to soften his skin and calm any irritations which might have been caused from shaving. Once thing, I really need to highlight about the full Decléor Mens range is the scent, he goes crazy for it. The essential oils in all Decléor products are completely natural and always have benefits to the skin, but also the scent is something he loves. Everything has a strong woody scent of spicy cloves and fresh, clean eucalyptus. He can’t get enough of it!

Soothing Aftershave Fluid

Finally, he finishes his shave with a splash of Decléor Soothing Aftershave Fluid, this is the final component to his shave. It helps sooth skin, heal any small cuts and adds a protective layer to the skin. He uses it more as a protection and prevention to any irritation which might occur at a later date. It has a very light cream consistency and it helps tighten pores and it smells like cloves.

Skin Energiser Fluid

Decléor Skin Energiser Fluid is a daily face moisturiser which is special formulated for mens skin. It is refreshing and non-oily and gives every day moisturise, whilst still giving the soothing healing benefits to any razor burn or any tiny scratches. Even if he hasn’t shaved for days and he has no razor damage, he likes this product just as a daily face moisturiser. It has the same Clove and Eucalyptus scent which the rest of the range has, which he obviously can’t get enough of!

If your man is struggling to achieve the shave he wants, he should try Decléor, it is my boyfriends favourite and he really does swear by it. These products give him the best possible shave which help keep his skin in great condition whether he is clean shaven or has a few days of stubble.

Have you or your man ever tried Decléor?