Five things to love about Bob Bob Ricard 

bob bob ricard london press for champagne button buzzer instagram gold

You know how in SATC they were always trying to get into New York’s hottest restaurants? Well, here in London, Bob Bob Ricard is pretty hot right now. It’s not impossible to get in, but it does get booked up pretty fast, especially at the weekends. Anyway, this weekend we finally visited and it was every bit as fabulous as I expected. Here are five things I loved about Bob Bob Ricard:

Cocktails  & Champagne 

Bob Bob Ricard is well know for their ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons at every table. It’s pretty special, you press a buzzer and along comes a waiter reader to bring you champagne. It’s pretty cool and it’s instagram gold! If you don’t feel like drinking champagne, they also have some great whiskeys and cocktails, my favourite, was the Raspberry Collins. Delish!


If you love truffles as much as I do, you will be in heaven at Bob Bob Ricard! I had truffles with my starter and truffles with my main course. Even their mash potato was Truffle Mash and FYI, it was the best mash I have ever had!

Decor and Details

No expense was spared when they designed Bob Bob Ricard, from the long glamorous bar to the beautiful booth tables (don’t you love a little privacy when dining?). The decor is beautiful and the little details really make it; the press for champagne button, the Floris in the bathrooms, the fresh flowers, the candy pink striped plates. It’s all very well considered and fabulous!


I’m a picky eater and I always have a lot of questions for our waiter. The service at Bob Bob Ricard was perfect; friendly, attentive and slick.


Let’s be honest, no matter how good the drinks, service, decor and details are, it doesn’t really mean anything if the food isn’t good. I can confirm, the food was incredible. I had the Truffled Potato & Mushroom Vareniki for starter; delicious tiny dumplings with onions and plenty of creamy truffle sauce. So good! As a main course I have the 8oz Fillet Steak, which was perfect. It was pink and tender on the inside and had the slight charred effect on the outside. Perfect!

If you haven’t been to Bob Bob Ricard and you are looking for somewhere new and exciting to dine, you need to go!