What’s In My Make-up Bag

whats in my make up bag lk bennett polka dot  smash box lipstick radial bars espa tinted moisturiser

I thought it was about time I tipped my make up bag open and talked about what is inside. I’m not hugely adventurous with my make up, I tend to do a very similar look each day, but recently I have been trying to mix it up a bit. I have been really trying to figure out a way to hide my chronic dark circles and I have also been trying to play around with very subtle contouring.

Make-up Bag

I always use a nice make-up bag, because it is a little like your purse, so why have a disgusting old stained bag when it could be beautiful! My current bag is by LK Bennett, it’s actually a clutch bag, I have used it as a clutch bag quite a few times and hopefully I will be able to use it again in the future as it’s a protected leather which can be easily cleaned.


On days where I am keeping my make up lighter, I have been using Espa‘s Tinted Moisturiser. Regular readers of my blog will have noticed I love Espa products so when I heard they were doing a tinted moisturiser, I got excited. This is a lovely product, it’s gives a tiny amount of coverage and feels great on my skin. On days where I want better coverage, I have been using Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I went to the launch of this product so I have been using it for a while now, I love the fact it is oil free, it is like water and pigment on your skin so it gives lovely coverage without feeling like you are wearing foundation.


I have recently discovered Rodial Make-up which is perfect for adding highlights and subtle contouring to my face. I’m pretty pale, so I have to be really really careful to be subtle, but Rodial comes in a verity of shades which start nice and light. They also do a great concealer and some nice highlighting products which give you a more dewey look.

In terms of contouring, I also have Topshop‘s Sweep, which I have been using very sparingly on my cheekbones and to add depth to my eye sockets. It’s really easy to brush on and just makes me look like I have slightly better bone structure.


As I mentioned, I have been Topshop‘s Sweep in my eye sockets to give them a little depth. I am also addicted to Eyeko‘s eyeliner. I love a pen eyeliner as they are so much easier to control than a traditional liquid liner. I have no idea where my mascara is at the moment, but I have been using Benefit‘s Roller Lash over the last few weeks. God knows where it is now though!


I am obsessed with Benefit‘s Gimme Brow. I have pretty much thrown away all my other eyebrow products in favour of this one. I love it! It basically works like a mascara wand, which you brush over your brows. It neatens them and keeps them in place all day, whilst adding subtle colour. I use the lighter shade as I have fair skin and naturally pale brows, but if you have darker hair there is a darker version of this product. I have recommended this product to so many people, I literally love it!


I am addicted to lipsticks and even I’m a little bit shocked to admit I have four lipsticks, yet no mascara in my make up bag! My current favourite lipsticks are Smashbox Legendary, which is the perfect shade of red and Illamasqua‘s Eurydice, which is the best shade of hot pink ever! When I want to plump my lips up a little, I use Soap & Glory‘s Pillow Plump. It does tingle, but it’s worth the effort when you are trying to achieve #KylieJennerLips.


I’m hooked on Nars Blusher. Is there any other blusher brand out there?! My current favourite is Desire.

Multi-purpose Moisturiser

I always carry around a multi-purpose moisturiser in my make up bag, mainly to use as a lip balm, but it comes in handy for any other dry skin emergency too. My current balm is PapayaGold Paw Paw. Until recently, you couldn’t buy this product in the UK, my friend always swore by it, but it was like forbidden fruit for us Brits. Welcome to England Paw Paw!

whats in my make up bag lk bennett polka dot  smash box lipstick radial bars espa tinted moisturiser

whats in my make up bag lk bennett polka dot  smash box lipstick radial bars espa tinted moisturiser

whats in my make up bag lk bennett polka dot  smash box lipstick radial bars espa tinted moisturiser

All photos taken with the Olympus Pen PE-7 Camera.



  1. March 18, 2015 / 3:17 am

    That Illamasqua pink color looks beautiful in the photos!