Make-up: Rodial

Rodial Make-up

No Make-up

Summer is just around the corner and I thought I should channel my inner Giselle and think about getting some no-make-up-make-up. I want to illuminate, high-light and making me look well, like Giselle. I don’t have her body, nor do I have her bone structure. But a girl has to make the best of what she has got!


Rodial was founded in 1999 by Maria Hatzistefanis (who also founded Nip+Fab) and was designed to bridge the gap in the market between scientific and more natural based skincare. The brand is now available in more than 2000 stores in 35 countries worldwide. Their skin care has a massive celebrity following and is widely regarded as a leading skin care brand. I have only tried a few of their body care products, but everything I have tried, I have really liked. Mental note to self: Buy some more soon!

Rodial  Make-up

There has been a lot of buzz about Rodial make-up recently on the blogosphere and I’m always interested in trying out the hottest new products. Rodial have created a tightly edited selection of make-up products designed to sculpt and define the face. They have designed the products to have a universal shades that suit all skin tones. For instance, the Instaglam Eye Tint concealer just comes in two shades, light and medium.


Being a pale lady I often have issues finding make up brands which are pale enough to suit  my skin tone. So many products leave me looking orange and unnaturally dark in the worst possible ways. I have blogged about this many times before as it is a major problem for me when buying make up. Lucky for me, the palest shades of Rodial make-up seem to work well, even on my fair skin tone. I can’t speak for darker skin tones, but for us pale girls, it’s actually pretty great.


The thing I love about part of the Rodial collection, is that that they make you glow. For instance, the Instaglam Eye Tint concealer isn’t about caking heavily pigmented product over your dark circles, it’s about reflecting light. Although if you dark circles are as chronic as mine, you might want to layer it up with a little foundation, then I am really  happy with the results. The Instaglam Magic Pen has a similar highlighting effect which adds brightness and pearlescent light to your skin tone. Perfect for the highlights.


Some contouring products are very dark and I am sure they look amazing if you have a darker skin tone than I do, or if you are on TV / modelling. But day-to-day, walking down the Bond Street, it can look a little severe. I have been using the palest shades of Rodials Shadowing products and I love the subtle look it gives. The Instaglam Compact deluxe gives slight shadowing of the cheekbones and the eye sculpt gives a nice depth and definition to the eye area, without it looking like halloween. It’s easy to apply and the end result gives subtle, effective shadowing which highlights your bone structure nicely. If you do want a more dramatic result, just build up the layers!


I love the texture and sheen of the Glamstick Wet Lip Butters, they are really pretty, really comfortable to wear and the have a lovely finish. However, for me, they are too pretty, too subtle and too soft. I don’t have Giselles’ lips, I need something stronger. I like to amp up my lip colour and opt for a strong, matte finish red and these Glamstick Wet Lipsticks are just not enough for me. Perfect for Giselle and girls who like a more subtle, summery, barely there lip colour. If thats you, you will adore these, but not so much for my look.

I’m pretty new to highlighting and contouring, so I am taking it very slow and trying to create very subtle results which add a little difference without looking too dramatic. Perhaps as I get more confident I will add in more shadows and highlights, but for now, I want to stay subtle. I am loving Rodial’s make up, it is perfect for contouring and I am really impressed that is suitable for my pale skin too. If contouring is something you want to try, Rodial is a great place to start!