Perfume: Radley London

radley london perfume with floris london We all know Radley handbags, but did you know they now have a perfume? That’s right, say hello to the namesake perfume, Radley London.


Top Notes: Freesia, Sicilian Bergamot, Pink Peony, Rose de Mai

Heart Notes: Tiara Flower, Tiger Lily

Base Notes: Frankincense, Oud, Myrrh


Over the past few seasons, Radley London have slightly rebranded themselves and they have been making really beautiful bags. They are great quality leather, well made and have a sleek city feel. I have the boarder backpack which I adore and when I am wearing it, I often get stopped to ask where it is from.

My Thoughts

The Radley London aesthetic is clean, simple and chic, which is very much what this perfume is. The perfume opens up the with fresh florals and fruit of the freesia and bergamot. It’s refreshing yet warm and beautiful. The heart notes are florals which add a nice depth of florals to the scent. The base notes of Frankincense, Oud, Myrrh, which in my opinion, what makes the perfume really special. Without these woodier, smokier notes, the perfume would just be a pretty, fresh, floral scent, but these base notes add a touch of warmth, glamour and mystery to the perfume. It gives the perfume far more depth and sophistication, and perfectly balances the florals and citrus at the top of the scent.

Personally, I tend to go for very heavy perfumes; Wood and oriental scents with lots of rose, fig, oud, honey, vetiver and this is not one of those perfumes. It is much fresher and floral than my usual taste. However, this perfume has been created so beautifully, that I do really love it. The ingredients are good; they smell fresh and natural. The layers are perfect and the base notes balance the top notes beautifully. I will wear this perfume in high summer when I want something a little fresher and prettier.

This is a really beautiful perfume and it  isn’t your average ‘let’s make a perfume with our name on, it will be a real money spinner’. It’s so much better than that, it’s well worth popping into your local stockist to check it out!