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Dear Rose

Remember a while ago when I blogged about the new niche perfume brand, Dear Rose. Well, I had 5 tiny little vials of their perfumes and I loved them so much I had to get a full sized bottle.

I Love My Man

Maybe I’m a romantic at heart, or maybe it’s because I just got engaged, but I picked the scent called I Love My Man. How could I not, it’s perfect for me right now and not only that, but it’s scented with rose absolute and we all know how much I adore rose based perfumes.

Roses are Red

I Love My Man is a blend of Bulgarian roses and Californian roses with base notes of tonka bean, cinnamon and santal. This perfume is warm with roses in bloom, it’s strong and engulfing, yet sweet with cinnamon and tonka bean. It smells like roses and musk, its so beautiful and warm. Oh! I don’t think I will ever get over my rose perfume obsession! This one is so beautiful!


I personally love a simple, yet classic perfume bottle. I love this one as it is a thick glass bottle, it’s really heavy and thick glass. It feels lovely in your hand and the rose gold detailing is lovely too!


This perfume is great as one spritz and you are good to go, making it a really cost effective perfume. It’s such a beautiful perfume and it lasts all day long. Too many sprays would be over-powering, but one spray is perfect. This one bottle of perfume will last for ages!


I love this perfume so much and so does my boyfriend. In fact, I love it so much, I am already considering buying more of the range. When I went to the perfume launch and I was given a tiny vial of each perfume and loved each and every one. While my heart was drawn to I Love My Man for obvious reasons, I have a feeling I may need to have a little more Dear Rose in my life… perhaps La Favorite might be next… Stay tuned!

Dear Rose perfumes can be bought online or in store at Harrods. I think I have mentioned this before, but Harrods is the best place for perfume shopping in London!

Dear Rose, I Love My Man‏ perfume harrods beauty blogger blog