Perfume: Bulgari ‘AQVA DIVINA’

Perfume: Bulgari 'AQVA DIVINA' aqua perfume eau de parfam

Oceanic Fantasy

Bulgari AQVA DIVINA is inspired by a jewel of the Mediterranean sea, a Pearl and all which surrounds it. The sparkle of the sun on the sea, Mother of Pearl, Sea Goddess, Mother Earth, Mermaids, Summer in the ocean, Precious treasures, all played out on a bed of seashells. Think femininity, sensuality, beauty, purity and freshness.


I try not to get hung up and swayed by the allure of packaging; I love perfumes for their scent not their bottle. Saying that, if a perfume bottle is special, it is nice to give some credit to it and there are a lot of collectors of perfume bottles out there. The perfume is, of course, inspired by the magic of the sun and the ocean and the bottle is like a beautiful pebble or shell. The gold lifts up to reveal the nozzle. The bottle has no base, no flat surface, it is oval and tactile. It will sit on your dressing table like a treasure from the beach.


Top Notes: Salty bergamot, Pink ginger

Heart Notes: Magnolia, Sunlit quince

Base Notes: Nude amber, Beeswax

My Thoughts

I have written many, many times about my love of quite rich, opulent perfumes; Red roses, Oud, and Amber. I tend to favour heavy woody, spicy and Oriental scents and this is not my traditional sort of fragrance. Saying that, it is really beautiful and it’s so fresh and natural. If you like softer, fresher, more feminine, romantic scents, then you will love this perfume. It is really beautiful; it’s got a real salty, oceanic feel mixed with pretty florals and soft, fresh citrus. It’s like paddling through a magical sea in Summer!

Bulgari Aqua Divina is available exclusively from House Of Fraser on the 26th February 2015 and available nationwide from the 1st April 2015. Pop in store and give it a go, it is a real treat!