Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and I have been thinking long and hard about what to buy my mum. It can be hard choosing something lovely within a small budget (I always buy my mum something big for birthday and Christmas and something much smaller for Mother’s Day).  Even though I just want to get her something little, I still want it to be a sweet treat that she will really enjoy!

charbonnel et walker


If your mother has a bit of a sweet tooth, you just can’t go wrong with Charbonnel et Walker truffles. Not only are they heaven to nibble on, but the packaging is a dream. My mum has a collection of their old buttons which she keeps her buttons and sewing bits in! Delicious and practical!

liz earle skin care

Skin Care

I love Liz Earle, my mum loves Liz Earle, the whole world loves Liz Earle!  Their natural yet effective beauty products work a treat on even sensitive skin and leave you feeling fresh and clean, whist looking radiant. Their iconic Cleanse and Polish has won over 100 beauty awards and it’s not hard to see why. Liz Earle Products are a pleasure to use!

aromatherapy associates bath oils

Bath Treats

Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection contains ten sachets of their bath and shower oil. The set is a mix of their different scents and each sachet contains the exact right amount you need for one experience. Perfect for home or travelling!

crabtree and evelyn lavender hand cream

Hand cream

This past Christmas I got my Dad some Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender hand cream. He absolutely loved it, so did my mum. If fact, they both loved it so much, they spent January and February squabbling over who had used it the most and hiding it from each other! I thought it might be nice to get my mum some for Mother’s Day and then it’s a little treat for them to share.  If my parents love it this much, maybe yours will too!

paul smith rose eau de parfum


A new perfume is always a good treat and this bottle of Paul Smith Rose is a really pretty Rose scented perfume. I go nuts over Rose perfumes and it’s often a favourite of the mum’s too. This is a really pretty scent and also really affordable for a rose based perfume!

true grace english garden candle


Mother’s always love a good scented candle and True Grace always hits the spot! They are great value, beautiful packaging and the scents are always rich and natural. I think my mother would appreciate True Grace English Garden, what would you choose for yours?

minetta jewellery


So this might be something I got made for myself, but what about getting your mum a bespoke piece of jewellery? Maybe with a significant date on it, or perhaps initials of all her children’s names. It could be a beautiful sentimental gift that she can enjoy wearing. The one in the picture is made by Minetta and you can buy them on Etsy.

kevin murphy hydrate me

Hair Care

Kevin Murphy makes the best hair care, ever! It’s all my mum will use on her hair and whenever I can, I also buy it too. Kevin Murphy makes a great gift for a mum, as it really nourishes the hair and gives it a lease of life you could never have imagined. I know my mum would love to open this on Sunday morning over a cup of tea in bed, perhaps yours will too! The Hydrate Me range works wonders if you have dried and dyed hair, but if that’s not for you, there are plenty more ranges to choose from.

jo malone london red roses soap


I may have mentioned before, but I adore Jo Malone London perfumes and so does my mum. I often buy her a bottle for Christmas or her birthday, but I normally buy her something a little smaller for Mother’s Day. Jo Malone London have a great selection of little luxuries and this soap is my personal favourite. A lovely little soap for her to keep by the kitchen sink!

boucheron body cream

Body Cream

It’s always nice to get a luxury body cream and this Boucheron body cream is bound to bring a smile to any mothers face this weekend! If you have never tried Boucheron perfumes, you should really give them a go, this body cream actually comes free when you buy a Boucheron perfume size 50ml or above. It’s kind of a ‘one for me, one for mum situation’!

lush cosmetics massage bar soaps

Massage Bars

Lush Cosmetics make super fun natural bath and body products. My personal favourites from them is their bath bombs and soaps, the bath bombs fizz up and make your bath a magical experience and the soaps leave you feeling clean, fresh and feeling great. They are not as drying as other soaps too. Why not treat you mum to a bath bomb or one of their amazing massage bars this Mother’s Day? The massage bars not only smell incredible, but leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Isn’t that what every mother wants?

What will you be buying your mother this Mother’s Day? 

All photos taken with the Olympus Pen Camera.