The Ultimate Home Candle

acqua di parma black amber cube candle

Home Candles

I have blogged many, many, many times about my love of luxury scented candles, but occasionally you find a home candle which is so big and so fabulous it becomes more than a candle. It is a coffee table ornament and a sign a luxury. It is not just a home candle, it is the ultimate home candle!


When you live in London, space is limited, so you have to make the best of what you have. Sometimes jugs and jars become vases, handbags become home accessories and candles double up as a room scent and ornament. Why hide your favourite things inside your wardrobe when they could be on display in your living room and saving your precious wardrobe space?

Acqua di Parma

I was recently shopping in Liberty and I spied a selection of huge Acqua di Parma candles.  They were beautiful cube candles in a verity of colours and scents and they instantly caught my attention. I pointed them out to my boyfriend and said ‘When I own one of these, I know I am officially living the dream!’. My boyfriend agreed they looked and smelt beautiful and he would also love to have one in our flat. The sales assistant pointed out to us for the size and burn time of the candle, it is actually much better value than a regular home candle. It got me thinking maybe I needed one sooner!


I love Acqua di Parma scents, they are one of my favourite perfumers, and this amber cube candle smells incredible, it is rich and warm. Nothing says luxury quite like a opulent home candle, especially one this big and fabulous. Until the day I light this candle, it is a beautiful design object for my living room. Once I start burning it, it has an incredible 60 hour burn time, so it will last a long time. It also makes a wonderful gift for the friend who has everything!

Would you use this candle as a home ornament? 

acqua di parma black amber cube candle