Review: Nip + Fab De-Stress

Review: Nip + Fab Body Care

There has been a lot of hype over Nip + Fab products over the past few months. They seem to have burst onto the beauty scene and made a huge impact. I have been hearing great things about the brand for a while, but only recently tried out a few products; you know me, always late to the party!


Nip + Fab is a skincare and body care range founded by Maria Hatzistefanis, who also founded Rodial. Designed to deliver targeted treatments for the face and body, the formulas are crammed with innovative and natural advanced skin smoothing, boosting and firming ingredients. Nip + Fab is premium skincare for everyday concerns at everyday prices.

Clothes Show Live

Last December I went to the Clothes Show Live event and girls were queuing at the Nip + Fab stand and getting really excited about the offers they had on the product. I figured it was about time I gave the brand a go, surely I should be one step ahead of the teenager girls!


I wasn’t really sure where to start with the Nip+Fab, the selection is huge. There is body care and skin care and within these collections there is ranges of fitness, anti-aging, toning and more. Lots to choose from! I thought I would start gently with the Nip + Fab De-stress blend, after all, who doesn’t love a de-stressing shower gel, body scrub and body lotion?


Nip + Fab is really affordable, for instance, the shower gel is £8.99 for 500ml. It is a nice big bottle and you don’t need to use a lot each day. My boyfriend and I have been using this bottle for a few weeks now and it has barely gone down. The only danger is, when you buy big bottles, you tend to be more generous with potion sizes, so you have to be careful not to squeeze out too much, just because it is a big bottle.


Nip + Fab De-stress Blend smells clean and fresh, it is made of a blend of frankincense, sweet orange blossom  and sandalwood. Generally I don’t like the small of orange blossom, I tend to avoid anything which contains it, so this might have been a bit of a silly choice for me, but it does actually smell lovely and the orange blossom is really subtle and actually nice. If you use the shower gel, body scrub and body lotion, the scent really lingers on your skin and it smells really fresh and clean.

Scrub, Wash, Lotion

The Nip + Fab scrub works really well, it has small but effective grains in it, it seems to lift the dead skin cells off my skin quickly and easily and leave my skin feeling really soft and scrubbed. The wash foams into a nice lather and a little goes a long way. It fills the bathroom with scent and the scent also lingers nicely on your skin. Again, I feel clean and fresh after using it. The lotion absorbs quickly and leaves my skin soft, nourished and looking healthy. It is easy to apply and also smells really nice, the scent of the three blend really nicely together, yet they never seem to clash with my perfumes.

All in All

I really like Nip + Fab, it is a great price for a good volume of product. It smells nice and works really well. I can see exactly why everyone loves it! While the scent doesn’t blow my mind and it is not the most luxurious product I have ever used, it is a really effective set and a really great price, my skin feels and looks great after using it and I will definitely be trying more from the range. I have heard great things about the skin care, so I think that is the next range I want to try! Give Nip + Fab a go!



  1. February 25, 2015 / 1:47 pm

    love love love Nip + Fab, I currently have the Lavender Yoga Blend body wash in my shower!