Jo Malone London: Incense & Cedrat

Jo Malone London: Incense & Cedrat

Over the last couple of years, I have blogged about each and every one of Jo Malone London‘s new fragrance launches. I just love their perfumes and I love to share it with anyone who listens. I can always find an excuse to buy myself a new bottle and I pride myself in my ability to convert my friends and family to being Jo Malone London addicts too. In fact, my mother had worn the same perfume for 30 years until she discovered their signature scent, Lime, Basil & Mandarin. I bought her a bottle for Christmas, she is now an avid fan too! My boyfriend is another recent convert and my sister is next on my list (she’s an easy target, she already loves it, she just has a student budget)

Incense & Cedrat

The new launch from Jo Malone London is Incense & Cedrat. It is part of their Cologne Intense range and it is suitable for both men and women. It was created by master perfumer Marie Salamagne using the scent of Omani incense, which is the most precious incenses in the world. Omani incense is at the heart of Omani culture and it has been harvested and used for over six thousand years. It was a favourite scent of the Queen of Sheeba and it is burnt in the home of Omani people and used as a perfume along with other scents. NaturePrint Technology was used to recreate the omani incense, as it is rare and increasingly threatened.

Fragrance Combining

Traditionally Omani incense has been blended with other scents by the Omani people. Jo Malone London also encourage Fragrance Combining to layer up perfumes to create more personal and bespoke scent for the wearer. Incense & Cedrat has a warm, smoky, woody scent with a fresh hit of green citrus. It can be worn alone, or layered up Oud & Bergamot to intensify the wood and citrus notes, or it can be worn with Red Roses, to make it more of a spicy, sensual and feminine scent.

My thoughts

The Cologne Intense range by Jo Malone London is really special collection, it uses the richest and rarest ingredients and has a slightly more intense feel than the classic collection. Incense & Cedrat is a stunning addition to the collection and it is my favourite of all the Cologne intense perfumes. It is beautifully woody and smoky, it has a lovely spice and warmth to it, which is lifted with the citrusy scent of the cedrat. It has a Eastern, exotic feel which is so beautiful and smells incredible on the skin. Personally I love it blended with the Red Roses cologne as I’m crazy over roses, but it is warm, spicy, heady, sensual and smoky. Beautiful!


While all Jo Malone London fragrances are unisex, some are much more suited for women, for example, the Red Roses is a much more feminine scent. Where as Amber & Lavender is much more masculine. Incense & Cedrat is very much a unisex scent. I love wearing this perfume, and so does my boyfriend. It is one of those perfumes we fight over and we both adore it.

Incense & Cedrat by Jo Malone London is out on 1st June 2015 and available online and in stores.