Perfume: The Library of Fragrance


The Library of Fragrance have been on my radar for a while now, any brand that sell at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City and has perfumes inspired by Play-Doh is bound to grab my attention!

Single Scents

The Library of Fragrance is a collection of perfumes which is made up of many single scents. While there are more classic scents such as Peony, Fig Leaf, Amber, Oud and Jasmine, there is also a whole host of more unusual scents too! After all, it is not every day you find an Expresso, Fireplace, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Meringue and Baby Powder. Each scent can be worn alone or layered up to create your own bespoke scent.


Perfumes are made up of many scents to create different notes within the fragrance. With The Library of Fragrance, you blend your own to create a bespoke scent. While wearing Black Pepper perfume might sound crazy, there are many beautiful perfumes on the market which do contain Black Pepper. When you think of it like that, suddenly, the single scents don’t seem quite so unusual!

How to Get Started

There are no hard and fast ‘rules’ to fragrance mixing, matching and layering, so have fun with it. Try to think of things smell good together in real life, the theory is, if they naturally work together, then they should in perfume too. For example, try combining ‘Fireplace’ and ‘Marshmallow’ to conjure a cosy evening spent toasting marshmallows in front of a roaring log fire. Or, combining ‘Dirt’ with almost any scent that represents something that grows from the ground! The scent of Marshmallow alone might be too sweet worn as a perfume, but when combined with the woody, smokiness of ‘Fireplace’, the scent will be balanced and become sweet yet smokey. Similarly, a perfume like ‘Jasmine’, ‘Bulgarian Rose’ or ‘Freesia’ will become a little less intensely floral, when combined with ‘Dirt’, as it should smell a little more earthy and woody to balance the floral.

Tips and Tricks

Remember to write down the combinations you try out and how many sprays you applied of each; you don’t want to get a great result and find you are unable to create it again!

If you’d prefer not to experiment on yourself straight away, spray each scent on a perfume strip or a tissue (ideally labelled so you don’t forget which is which). Hold the strips or tissues together to sniff a first impression of what the combination might smell like on you.

The order in which you apply different fragrances can make a difference to the end result. It’s usually best to apply heavier, stronger scents first and apply lighter, fresher scents on top of these, to avoid the lighter notes being ‘drowned out’ by the heavier. If you find that this is happening with your favourite combinations, try spraying the difference scents on different parts of you and your clothes, rather than directly on top of one another.

For Me

Personally, I really love the ‘Fig Leaf’ perfume worn alone. I am a massive fan of Fig Perfume, and I love this single scent smell of fresh fig. So I have been wearing this perfume on it’s own and really loving it. My Boyfriend has been wearing the Oud and the Fireplace scents (they are unisex), in terms of blending, my favourite combination of the selection of perfumes I have would be Musk blended with Oud. I love the sweet yet rich scent of the two together! I think I need to treat myself to a few more bottles soon to have even more combinations and they are currently on offer at Boots, 2 bottles for £25!

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