New Perfume: Penhaligon’s ‘As Sawira’

Penhaligons As Sawira trade routes perfume collection

Oh gosh, I really am obsessed with Penhaligon’s perfumes and I couldn’t resist blogging about their latest addition to their Trade Routes Collection; As Sawira.


As Sawira is inspired by the city Essaoiura, which became the first seaport of Morocco in the nineteenth century. With extensive trade connections to London, many of the commodities which we were imported into the UK around the turn of the century originated from there. This perfume is inspired by the rich scents of exciting and exotic treasures being loaded on board ships. Think of warm and spicy saffron and bergamot, mixed with more herbal notes of absinth and davana. It is blended with warm floral notes roses, carnation and jasmine and there are undertones of oud, sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli.


I have been a fan of Penhaligon’s for years now, I am obsessed with Cornubia and Tralala, as well as their signature scent, Blenheim Bouquet. They work with the worlds top perfumers and their inspirations are unique; their perfumes are like no other. My boyfriend is also a huge fan of the brand and Satorial is one of his all time favourite colognes and he often shares my bottle of Blenheim Bouquet (many of Penhaligon’s scents are unisex).


This new launch, As Sawira, is one of my favourite scents yet, it is so rich, warm and exotic. I went to Morocco a few years ago and this perfume really reminds me of the country, as you walked around the markets you could smell heat, leather, wood, spices, food and flowers. This perfume really captures that and so much more, it is elegant, exotic and has old school glamour, while still being modern.

For Him, For Her

As I mentioned, many of Penhaligon’s perfumes are unisex and this one has my man and I fighting over it. When I wear it, the scent develops so it becomes warm with vanilla, rose, sandalwood and saffron. When my boyfriend wears it, it is still warm and rich, but it takes on more woody and spicy notes of oud, bergamot, sandalwood and the vanilla just noticeable as a sweet base note.

This perfume is in Penhaligon’s stores now, or you can find it online at Harrod‘s,  it really is beautiful!