Michael Kors ‘White’ Eau De Parfum

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A long, long, long time ago, I used to buy a nice perfume and wear it every day until it ran out. Then I would buy a new perfume and use it until it ran out… I always bought nice perfumes that I loved, but I rarely had more than one perfume at a time and if I did, it was because it was a gift or on some kind of discount where I couldn’t resist.

That was then, this is now and now I am a perfume geek and I have so many perfumes because I just can’t help myself! I love buying perfumes and I love choosing which perfume to wear each morning. It just makes me happy!

Michael Kors ‘White’

My latest perfume indulgence is brought to you by Michael Kors with his latest scent, ‘White’. This perfume is so fabulous, it is classic of the Michael Kors spirit; elegant, floral and fabulous. On first spray you get a wonderful hit of incredible tuberose and green freshness, once it mellows down it becomes creamer and the white musk, tonka bean and vanilla notes come through. It’s sweet, but not sugary sweet, it’s really warm and beautiful!


I personally love a strong perfume, I like it to last all day and really make an impact, after all, if I’m wearing a beautiful perfume, I want to be able to smell it on myself and I want it to have that effect that makes people say ‘What’s your perfume, I love it!’. This perfume is nice and strong, I can imagine some might say it’s too strong, but I think it is perfect, just one spritz is enough and it smells incredible all day!

What Does it Smell Like?

Top Notes: Violet leaves, Freesia, Ylang ylang, Dewy Green, Aldehyde.

Middle Notes: Gardenia, Jasmine, Tuberose, White Peony.

Base Notes: White musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Amber, Cedarwood.

I love this perfume, the heady tuberose is perfect with the warm sweetness of the vanilla and white musk. It’s floral in a warm, glamorous evening way, and it’s sexy in a elegant way! This perfume can be bought from many major stores; Debehnams, John Lewis and Feelunique.com.

Michael Kors 'White' Eau De Parfum