Lunch: Royal China

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Ladies who lunch

As I mentioned last week, Adorn Girl and I are now ladies who lunch. Well, at least we are once a week anyway! Tuesday is our Treatday, or sometime Teaday, either way; we eat, we drink, we gossip and have a pretty lovely day!

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Royal China

Last week we went to Workshop for coffee and sandwiches, while it was lovely, this week we wanted to take a little time to sit, relax and have a long lunch and really spoil ourselves with comfort food. We decided we wanted good ol’ Chinese and Dim Sum and since we both had meetings in the Baker Street area that morning, Royal China seemed like a pretty good place to stop by for noodles, dim sum and bubble tea.

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Bubble Tea

Every time I am in Westfield, I see people walking around with Bubble tea and I think it looks cute, but I have no idea what it is! Neither Ashanti or I have ever had it before, so we both finally tried some today! Basically, it is a sweet fruit juice (somewhere between a squash and a juice) with ‘pearls’ inside. The pearls are like tiny beads or balls which are soft and burst with more juice inside. That’s why Bubble Tea is always served with really thick straws, so you can suck up the pearls. At first it was a little strange drinking a fruit drink with pearls inside, but once I got used to it, I loved it!

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We went for a bit of a tapas style lunch; Dim Sum, Noodles, Spring Rolls and what not. It was fun to pick at while we chatted about blogging, handbags and what’s new in our lives. Personally, I loved the vegetable noodles and spring rolls, but Ashanti loved the dim sum. Royal China is a big restaurant but nearly every table was full, I guess we were not the only ones with a craving for Chinese food! Baker Street is a bit of a funny area for trying to find somewhere nice to have lunch, so if you are ever in the mood for Chinese food, give Royal China a whirl, it’s delicious and really reasonably priced!

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