Vintage Chanel Brooch

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Oh wow! Can we talk about how amazing my new-to-me vintage Chanel brooch is!? I’m such a Chanel addict and I’m so excited to be adding this brooch to my jewellery box!

This brooch is from the 1980’s and it is in amazing condition! It is from one of the best vintage stores in London, Circa Vintage who sell on StreetHub. They have a shop on Fulham road, which is amazing, but quite frankly, it is the other side of London to me, so it is a nightmare to get to from East London, but luckily for me, Circa Vintage sell on Streethub. If you have never heard of StreetHub, they have a website and an app where you can shop the best local stores online and collect in store or arrange delivery. You can search by boutique, product, distance or by the editors picks. I actually found this brooch on the editors picks of best statement jewellery. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love!

I’m so excited about my new brooch! Make sure you download the StreetHub app or check out their website!

chanel brooch with handbag hanging from chain vintage retro 80s 90s novelty

PS. When you are on StreetHub make sure you search for independent stores in your area, you might find a new boutique you never knew was around the corner from you!!