Perfume: Terry de Gunzburg ‘Rose Infernale’

TERRY De GUNZBURG Rose Infernale perfume

I have been wearing a new perfume recently; Terry De Gunzburg, Rose Infernale.
It has taken me a fair few weeks to blog about it, as it’s so hard to write about this perfume, it is so unusual and so hard to write about!

I am no stranger to rose scented perfumes, regular readers may have noticed I am crazy for the scent. There is one very important thing to remember about rose perfumes, you get what you pay for. A cheap rose perfume does not smell good, roses are expensive flowers, and rose absolute, the essential oil which comes from a rose is even more expensive. I’m not being a snob when I say, the better the rose, the better the rose perfume.

Lucky for me, Terry De Gunzburg, Rose Infernale is made of beautiful quality roses, the essential oils in it are rich and perfect. What makes this perfume different, is what it is blended with. It is not every day you find a rose perfume which is blended with spice and incense. It is peppery, balsamic, spicy, warm. While the perfume doesn’t smell exclusively of roses, it does have roses in it and the other notes are beautifully warm and spicy. It’s unusual and fabulous!

Make sure you pop into Harrods soon to try this perfume out, it’s pretty amazing!



  1. December 23, 2014 / 3:36 pm

    Oh I have heard about this perfume and I’m dying to try it! It’s funny ’cause I’m always trying to get across to people that you need to pay a bit more for a really good perfume because usually the ingredients are expensive.