Montblanc: ‘A Parisian Winter Tale’ Part 4

I am currently working with one of my favourite luxury brands, Montblanc, to share their Winter campaign with my readers, A Parisian Winter Tale. A few days ago I posted Part 3 of the film and now it is time to post the conclusion of the story; Part 4.

As the story draws to an end, the girl has decided to try and return the wallet to the owner. She is on the street, trying to gain entrance to the building, she is cold and wet and it is getting late. It reminds me a little of one Christmas at my parents’ house, we turned the Aga down and accidentally turned it off. The fire inside went out and we couldn’t light it again. Very quickly the house got cold and with no Aga, we had little heat, no cooker and not even a kettle. It was snowing outside and it was impossible to find an repair man on a public holiday. As fate would have it, we got a surprise phone call from a close family friend, wishing us a Happy Christmas and we told them the story. They insisted we must come over for dinner and when we arrived, their home was warm and welcoming. They had set a huge table full of Christmas decorations and food, it was honestly like something out of a fairy tale! Don’t you just love a Christmas miracle?

Here is the final part of A Parisian Winter Tale, It is such a beautiful story and the paper illustrations of Paris are perfect. If you haven’t seen the rest of the story, it is well worth watching part 1, part 2 and part 3 before this final part…. enjoy!