New Shoes! Monk Strap Dr. Martens

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I’m super obsessed with Dr Martens shoes, I would love to blame it on my recent visit to the Dr. Martens factory, but if I am honest, I have been a fan of them since I was about 14. I’m an indie girl at heart and no indie kid is complete without a pair of DMs in their wardrobe.

I seem to wear Dr. Martens all the time at the moment, I can’t get enough of their comfort, style and practicality. It doesn’t matter how far I have to walk in a day, or how much it rains, my feet are always happy and dry when I wear them! They are my perfect Winter shoe!

While I do have about 10 pairs of Dr. Martens shoes in my wardrobe (or maybe even more than that now, I’m too afraid to count!) this is my first pair of Monk Strap Dr. Martens. When I saw them on the Bank website, I knew I had to have them! Monk Strap shoes are totally on my radar right now, so when I saw Dr. Martens had to get them!

PS. If you want a pair too, hurry! They are selling out fast!



  1. December 21, 2014 / 11:34 am

    OMG you have just taken me back to like high school. Now I desperately want these. Funny how those things never really leave you…..