A Little Luxury: Sabon Body Care

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The other night I stayed in a pretty snazzy hotel, not for any reason, just because I could! My boyfriend had a work meal to attend, just outside of London, so he was booked into a hotel and I figured if I joined him I could have a nice long bath while he was at dinner. I don’t know why, but hotel baths are so much better than baths at home. They just feel so much more luxurious and relaxing.

Since I knew I had a good long time to indulge in a bath, I took along some nice new products to enjoy while I was there. Sabon is a natural body care brand who are fairly new to the UK. They are careful to use natural ingredients and often look to traditional cleansing methods to inspired their products. Since I had time on my hands, I spent a good long time rubbing the Patchouli, Lavender and Vanilla scrub into my skin. The product is natural and paraban free, so it does split when it settles. So I gave it a good shake and a mix up before I used it. I rubbed it in circular motions all over my stubborn parts (thighs, knees, elbows, back of my arms etc.) It’s funny, I don’t really love exfoliating my skin, but I do love the results. This product is exactly what I like in a scrub, corse salt particles and slightly oily in texture so it leaves your skin scrubbed, buffed and silky smooth. The smell is incredible, I love patchouli, lavender and vanilla, but if these scents aren’t to your taste, there are other fragrances to choose from.

Once I had finished my bath, I spent a long while watching TV and rubbing the Sabon body lotion into my skin. My skin felt incredible after the scrub, so it was lovely adding some lotion on top. The cream is really good, it is easy absorbed into my skin and again, smelt incredible so it was lovely to use. My favourite of the two products has to be the scrub, but they are a lovely duo, my skin hasn’t felt this soft in ages! It was a little bit of work, but it was totally worth it!

Have you ever tried Sabon products?



  1. December 21, 2014 / 7:39 pm

    Never tried their products but that bath sounds absolutely delightful and I know what you mean by hotel baths being so much better…maybe it’s because I don’t have to clean up afterward!