Christmas Gift Guide: Make a Food Hamper!

Being a foodie is super hip right now, so if you have a foodie friend, don’t be afraid to buy them a few fancy treats and wrap them up together in a mini home-made hamper. After all, why buy shower gel for your friend when what they really want is a jar of fancy honey and a s’mores making kit?! Welcome to my Foodie Gift guide!

I was recently in Harvey Nichols buying a Canada Goose gilet for my boyfriend and while I was there I nipped up the 5th floor to buy a snack. Harvey Nichols not only have the best menswear department in town, but they also have an incredible food court. I thought with that in mind,  I would put together a little gift guide of what to buy a foodie. There was a flaw in my plan though, I ended up just selecting items which I wouldn’t mind eating… oops! So perhaps take my list as inspiration and make your friend a hamper with foods they will love.

foodie christmas gift guide

Chocolates / Chocolate bar / Truffles / Macaroons / Garlic Oil / Popcorn / Snack Mix / Tea / S’mores kit / Peanut butter & Jelly / Jam / Honey / Cocktail Pastilles / Cakes.

All items and more can be found online at Harvey Nichols!