Five Ways To Get Your Spark Back This Winter:

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The team at Beechams asked me to share some of my top tips for feeling your best this winter, whether that’s a swipe of red lipstick or a glitzy brooch to lift your spirits. Let’s feel positive and #getyoursparkback! #promo

1. Wear  red  lipstick! It’s the fastest and most fabulous way to feel better! A swipe of red lipstick and a smile make you feel a hundred times better. If you want to ring the changes, try a hot pink or an orangey red instead! Instant  joy!  

2. Invest in a bright umbrella!  If you are prepared for the day, you will feel a whole lot better. If you know it’s going to rain later on, and you have a fabulous umbrella tucked away in your bag, when that rain comes, you will feel a  lot happier!   

3. Cosy up in an oversized knit scarf! Scarves have never been more fabulous; with huge blanket scarves being worn as capes appearing everywhere this winter. Bundle up and feel warm, while adding a pop of colour or a cute print to your outfit. Every  winter’s day needs a scarf!  

4. Mix and  match your accessories! During the cold winter months, you often find yourself wearing the same coat and boots every single day, it can get tedious. So try and mix and match your bags, hats, gloves  and scarves to add pops of colour and keep things exciting, not just for others, but for yourself!   

5. Turn your jewellery box upside down! Find your old brooches and enjoy adding a little sparkle to your coats. Brooches are a great way to add a little bling to last season’s coats. If you don’t have any brooches, take the opportunity to buy yourself a new one. While you may not change you coat every day, you can mix up your brooches and have a little more fun with them! If you have a big brooch collection, layer them up and wear three on your lapel or try adding them to your gloves, scarf or hat for a little extra sparkle!   

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  1. December 8, 2014 / 1:56 am

    Seriously the best advice of the day… maybe week!! xxoo

  2. December 8, 2014 / 9:20 pm

    Genius! love, love, love your tips.