Custard Cream Necklace!!!

I obviously love it when fashion and food come together and this custard cream necklace is like having a tea party around your neck! I have blogged about Lily Charmed jewellery before, as well as their sister company, Martha Jackson jewellery, I love their tiny charm jewellery, it’s both delicate, yet whimsical! Everything by both brands is made of Sterling Silver (and gold vermeil) so if you look after it, it will last for years and years. When it does eventually tarnish, you can easily clean it and it will shine again, as good as new!

lily charmed custard cream biscuit necklace

This Custard Cream necklace is one of the newest releases from Lily Charmed and I am beyond smitten with it! It is the cutest little charm necklace, a tiny guilt-free replica of the classic British biscuit.

This custard cream necklace comes in both Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver and costs just £42, pretty sweet right?!