Positivity with Neal’s Yard Remedies

Did you know it is Positive Week this week? I am always into spreading the positivity and I thought I would share some information about one of my favourite brands and their positive work they do.

Neal’s Yard Remedies are an international health and beauty brand. They are trusted and loved by their customers and they combine natural and organic beauty with aromatherapy. Everything they make is not just good for you, but a treat on the senses. Neal’s Yard Remedies believe that their brand can benefit their customers and the people who produce their ingredients.

Two of my favourite Neal’s Yard Remedies are Frankincense Intense and Rose Eau De Parfum. Both these products come with beautiful backstories on how their ingredients are sourced.

neals yard remedies frankincense intense

Let’s start with Frankincense Intense, this product obviously contains frankincense, not only does it smell incredible, but it is naturally good for your skin. The frankincense used in the product is organic and gathered by the women of the Samburu tribe in North Kenya.  In this region there are very few jobs for women and the women love working here, they sing as they work and NYR pay the women a 10% bonus on top of their regular collection fee. Many of the women use the payment to educate their children and buy school books.

neals yard remedies rose perfume

The Rose Perfume is made using only organic hand picked roses, this is done to protect the delicate flowers. The roses must be harvested at dawn when it is cool and finishes in the heat of the day so that any morning dew is evaporated from the flowers. Each petal is precious and non are ever left behind. The pickers finish the day with a freshly made communal lunch. How lovely! Again bringing much needed work to the area. Each year NYR use about 50 tonnes of roses to make their products. Pretty impressive!

Spread the positivity!


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  1. Margie
    October 11, 2014 / 4:57 pm

    the pix for the cream are quite telling, the model is squinting in the before and a more open eye for the “results” pic, I can do that at home for free, no lousy con-man creams needed at all and then I can post the before/after and say it was…..prayer LOL! I could sell millions…. I HATE SCAM PHOTOS SO MUCH don’t you?