Little Life Changers

Sometimes you find tiny little things, which are game changers. These are mine:

Until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you can’t judge them. With a similar thought in mind, if you haven’t lounged in a One Piece, you can’t judge me. There is nothing better than getting home from a long day of meetings, press days and coffees and getting changed into a One Piece. If I am working form home for the day, I might even wear one all day long. No shame. If you don’t have one, you won’t understand. A One Piece, is life changing!

Bobby Pins, Kirby Grips, whatever you want to call them. When I was younger I loved a hair clip. I had a pretty extensive collection of them. One thing I never understood was a hair clip which didn’t have a pattern, print or shape on it. After all, why wear a bobby pin when you could wear one with a bow on? I still love a bow in my hair, but I now see the point of a bobby pin. When my hair is flat, they give my hair instant volume, when I need a hair cut (which I have done for about a year now – oops!) they give my hair instant shape and style. They even make a grown out fringe into a glamorous side sweep. For those girls who can do fancy things with their hair like quiffs and victory rolls, they need them too. They cost about 2p each, but they are game changers!

Know that feeling of wearing heels and before you have even got to the venue your feet hurt?! Well, no more! I finally got a pair of Cocorose foldable ballet pumps. Best. Thing. Ever! You leave the house wearing them, your ‘real shoes’ are in your bag. Just before you get there, you slip the pumps off, fold them up and tuck them in the pouch. Noone will ever know. Once they are folded they take up so little space in your bag. The travel pouch provided means you do get pavement dirt inside your bag. And the best part is, when you walk home and change back into them, your feet will thank you. The soles are so padded and so comfortable it’s heaven. How I lived without these, I will never know!

A couple of years ago my mum gave me one of the greatest gifts ever. A towel turban. It was something I never knew existed, I have no idea why she had one, plus a spare. But I took it and I have never looked back. It’s a small piece of towelling, shaped to make the perfect turban for after you have washed your hair. So much better than using a towel, it’s lighter, easier and way more comfortable to wear. I’m not sure where my mum got hers, but you can buy them on ebay for practically nothing.

There is a time and place to cut costs and you should never think ‘oh these will do’ when it comes to buying tights. You can buy good tights without spending a fortune, Pretty Polly tights are great value and super comfortable. If you want to go higher end, Falke tights are pretty great, as are Tabio. There is nothing worse than spending you day pulling your tights up because they have slipped down your hips, or they are half way down your thighs. I can’t stand that feeling of holes in the toes so that my toes poke through. A bad pair of tights can literally ruin your day. So, if in doubt, buy Pretty Polly’s 100 Denier black opaque tights.

What are you little life changers?!