Hermes ‘Caleche’ Perfume

I remember the first time I ever smelt Hermes ‘Caleche’ Perfume. I was at the Eurostar in Paris, we had about 40 minutes until we boarded our train, if you have ever been to Gare du Nord in Paris, you will know there is not much to do in their departure lounge. Hell, on a busy day, you can barely find a seat, let alone something to keep you entertained! We decided to go and spend 5 minutes smelling perfumes, but as I looked around the shelves, my eyes were drawn to all the cheap high street perfumes and I discreetly said to my friend, ‘There’s nothing for me here!’. Snobby? Yes, I can be. Especially when it comes to perfumes!

hermes caleche perfume

Always the optimist, my friend insisted I smelt some perfumes, she figured there must be something here I liked. She pulled out the classic crowd pleasers; Kenzo, Marc Jacobs etc. I dismissed them for being too well known. She then pulled our ‘Caleche’ by Hermes and told me it was one of her favourite ever perfumes. I sprayed the card and fell in love! This perfume is dreamy! With top notes of bergamot, orange and jasmine. Heart notes of rose, ylang-ylang and iris. It’s woody, musky, citrusy and smells like old school glamour. I have the Eau de Parfum and the Eau de toilette, personally I do prefer the slightly heavier scent of the EDF and I’m convinced it lasts longer and smells a little more full bodied. I would pay a little extra and get the EDP. If you like something a little lighter the EDT would be better for you. While the ETD is slightly lighter than the EDP, it’s by no means ‘light’, it’s still a beautiful rich perfume. I would probably buy the EDT as a gift, but I would want the EDP for me! (Available from Harvey Nichols & Selfridges).

Everything about this perfume oozes class and glamour. It’s a classic and it’s fabulous!


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  1. October 21, 2014 / 8:16 pm

    🙂 There are a lot of Hermès fragrances I like – but this one isn’t one of my faces. But I think the classic bottle is beautiful.
    Hope you had a wonderful time in Paris 🙂