Let’s talk about… Gorilla Perfume!

I first became away of Gorilla Perfumes a few years ago when they had a small shop in East London. It was pretty cool and the girls in the shop were always super friendly and helpful, I loved going in, sometimes just to chat and hang out! Gorilla Perfumes is part of Lush Cosmetics, it is perfume for girls who want something a little less traditional and a little more fun! 

gorilla perfume lush cosmetics

Taking inspiration from music, Gorilla Perfume release ‘albums of fragrance’, with the perfumes depicting the songs which make up the record. Each perfume has a different mood and beat, just like the songs on an album, do you want the pop songs or the avant garde album tracks?! 

Gorilla Perfumes have just released Volume 3; Death, Decay and Renewal. Don’t worry, none of these perfumes smell like rotting bodies, instead, they are inspired by books, forgotten heroes and heroines, films, poetry, family members, the past, memories, celebration and the dark space where you consider life and death.

Each perfume takes you on a journey, I experienced it with an incredible instillation they made for their last press day, it is hard to describe, so the best thing to do, it head to the Lush website and see the collection of perfumes for yourself and pop in store to give them a smell!