Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

I was in Paris last week and I noticed all the women there wear diamonds. I have a lot of jewellery… but not enough diamonds. It makes me think I need to get shopping!!

I had a look up and down Bond Street and found some real beauties, but my purse strings won’t stretch quite that far, quite yet… so instead I thought I would look for a slightly more affordable option online and found The price of diamonds all depends on the colour, cut, clarity and weight. You can get huge diamonds, but if it has a poor cut, clarity and colour, it won’t be as beautiful (or worth as much) as a diamond which is smaller, but better quality. On the Vashi website, they have lots of great information on how to choose diamonds and they also only deal in top quality diamonds.

Vashi also sell other amazing gemstones and pearls… want to see my wish list?

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