Perfume: Dear Rose,

I am writing to you about a new collection of perfumes, by the name of ‘Dear Rose‘. Inspired by the different facets of women, five different women, or just one women, depending on who she is at that moment.

dear rose perfume brand

Each perfume in the collection is inspired by a story of a woman:

A Capella; An early morning visit to the garden. A breath of fresh air mixed with morning dew, moss, rose buds and violets. The first burst of sunlight, fresh sheets and no make up. Singing without music, pure and powerful.

I Love My Man; Fresh, perfect, red Bulgarian roses. Whispers of cinnamon and tonka bean. A gift from a man who adores his woman, the scent of love and adoration. Warm, lovely, engulfing.

Bloody Rose; This perfume is a women you may or may not want to be. The women you must be careful of, she seems pleasant at first glance, but you must be careful of her. For her, enticing men is a sport. White roses which are pretty and linger on the skin.

Sympathy For The Sun; A footprint on the beach, a sea breeze and an air of fabulous. This perfume is a woman enjoying the afternoon sun in a Mediterranean get-away. Fresh, salty, carefree and fabulous.

La Favorite; A warm, smoky bar in a fabulous hotel on a Winter’s night in Paris. The lingering smell of leather, oud, spice, cocktails and grandeur. Black dresses, fabulous jewels and a rich, smoky perfume to match.

Dear Rose, is a new perfume brand which is the creation of a mother and daughter, Chantal and Alexandra. Alexandra, the daughter, is a musician. Chantal, the mother an expert in the fragrance industry. Starting at YSL in the 70s, later working with Helmut Newton and JPG. While she knows the perfume industry inside out, she still has passion, love and romance to perfumery. Together they created the brand and work with award winning perfumer, Fabrice Pellegrin, on their scents.

Where can you buy Dear Rose perfumes? Harrods of course, probably my favourite place for discovering new perfume brands. Shout out to their perfume buyers, they have amazing taste. I love their perfume rooms!