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I am currently on holiday in NYC and while the weather isn’t hot, it is really sunny. In fact, both my boyfriend and I have had sunglasses on our faces, all day, everyday!

While I have a hefty collection of sunglasses, my boyfriend only has one pair as he needs prescription lenses in his glasses. He likes to get his eyes tested every year or two, and for this reason, he doesn’t want a big collection of fashion sunglasses, he just wants one pair of really stylish, well-fitting and well-made sunglasses.

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses front

The last time he got his eyes tested it took him about 3 months to actually go to the store to pick out new frames and get new lenses fitted. It’s not that he’s lazy, he’s just crazy busy with work and never managed to find the time to do it. Imagine, if it took him 3 months to upgrade his glasses which he wears 90% of the time, can you guess how long it had been since he changed his sunglasses? Way too long! Then I heard about Atelier Eyewear, which is tailor made for people like my boyfriend. You can choose your glasses, ‘try’ them on and order them, all online and then they are custom made for you and delivered to your home (or office). We were offered the chance to try out the service and we were excited, it was just what he needed!

Atelier Eyewear make high quality, custom eyewear; both optical glasses and sunglasses. They have so many stylish frame shapes to choose from, as well as frame colours and lens colours. You pick the lenses you like the look of, the camera on your computer turns the screen into a virtual mirror and places the frames on your face, so you can see what they will look like on your face. What’s amazing is that you see the frames virtually on your face, exactly the right size. As you move and tilt your head, the glasses adapt to this and move with your face, giving you a great understanding of how the glasses will look when worn.

Once you have found the frame shape you like, you then pick out your frame colour and lens colour. They have a great selection of frames to choose from; everything from classic solid colours like black, brown and navy, to more mottle effects like pearl, turtle and marble. You can ‘try on’ as many different frames, colours and lenses as you want, it’s really fast and easy to try them on and swap and change the colours and frames.

Once you have tried on your glasses and made your selection, Atelier Eyewear use your camera once again to accurately scan your face, from the front and sides, to make sure that your frames are perfect for your face. After all, they are custom frames and they make sure that they fit your face, exactly as they would if you were to get them fitted in store.

The final stage is really fun, each pair of glasses or sunglasses can have the name, number or initials or the wearer engraved into the inside of the arm. It’s a really stylish detail and also practical if you were to loose or misplace your glasses.

It takes 4 weeks for your glasses or sunglasses to be made, they are produced exactly as a other pair of high quality custom-made glasses would be. They are hand crafted from the finest acetate, titanium and surgical-grade stainless steel. Each pair is made one-by-one in their workshop by craftsmen.

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses from the back

My boyfriend is a busy man, he has a good job and when he buys products, he expects them to be great, if not perfect. He has pretty high standards and he was sceptical as to whether Atelier Eyewear would be able to deliver the perfect sunglasses he wanted, as the ordering process was really easy and fast, especially considering how time consuming it is going in-store to pick out frames and getting them fitted. He has been wearing his sunglasses for the last month and he absolutely loves them. He loves the size of the glasses, the shape of them and the colour of both the lens and the frames. The lenses are perfect for him as are the way they fit across his nose and ears. They are sturdy yet light to wear and have an over-all feel of high quality. As for the monogramming on the inside of the arm, he loves this, it is very subtle, really tasteful and no-one really knows it is there but him.

Atelier Eyewear is perfect for my man. He doesn’t want heavily branded eyewear and he isn’t looking for a bargain. Instead he is looking for a time-effective, reliable service which gives his a great quality, fairly priced,  stylish product, which is custom made for him. He loves his sunglasses and he didn’t have to take any time off work to get them sorted, they did all the hard work for him and with a short production time, they were delivered to his door, exactly as he wanted them… perfect! Five gold stars Atelier Eyewear, he will be back for all his future glasses!

Atelier Eyewear sunglasses

PS. This last photo was taken on top of the Empire State building, I found a ledge and placed them on to take a photo. He almost had a heart attack as he was convinced a gust of wind would pick the glasses up and they would be gone forever!



  1. October 26, 2014 / 4:31 pm

    It sounds like a great company, and actually nice for me as well haha. I also buy prescription sunglasses and these ones are looking so nice!

  2. October 28, 2014 / 2:27 pm

    Oh that’s a great frame and it’s so classic that he’ll be able to wear them forever!