NARCISO Eau de Parfum

narciso eau de parfum perfume

I go nuts for the scent of roses, I’m not really a floral kind of girl, but there’s something about the rose fragrance I just adore. From room scents to body oils, I love roses! When the people at NARCISO contacted me and asked if I wanted to try the new perfume NARCISO Eau de Parfum, I thought I would try it out, as I read it has roses in it!

NARCISO is the new scent from Narciso Rodriguez, it is designed to be an extremely sexy perfume that ‘makes mens heads turn’. It is made up of rose, white florals, vetiver, musk and cedar wood, this is the perfume where florals meet wood. When I first sprayed it on, I found it too floral for my taste, it was the white flowers I could smell and not the roses. After a few minutes of my skin, it transformed and the rose, musk and woody tones came out and I started to really love it. It is clean and fresh while still smelling like rose and wood, which is lovely and a little less heavy than most rose perfumes.

I actually love this perfume, but only after a few minutes, as it needs time to settle on my skin and transform. Once it has settled, the rose is delightful and it is really nice and musky and woody. If I spray this onto my skin, I love it, but if it on my dress  or coat, it’s way too floral for me and just not my taste. It’s amazing how different it is on skin compared to not on skin. Perhaps on other people it remains floral and the rose and woods don’t come out as much. I would recommend popping into your local stockist soon (I know Selfridges sell it) and try it out, make sure you test it on your skin, not on the card, as it changes dramatically on me. I really love this perfume!



  1. September 13, 2014 / 5:18 pm

    It sounds wonderful. I love roses every time too!