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Last night I went to an amazing event at Selfridges. I was invited by one of my favourite skin care brands, Dermalogica, and it was held as part of the Selfridges Beauty Project. If you live in London I am sure you will know about it, but it is challenging people to think about beauty and with talks, debates and interactive experiences.

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The event last night was a debate with four women on the panel discussing their views on the beauty industry and how it is perceived,  including social media, body and beauty confidence, print media and as well as giving information about Dermalogica’s FITE campaign. There were also plenty of questions coming from the audience from press, bloggers, skincare consultants, trainers and also women who don’t work in the industry but have an interest in the subject.

The debate also touched on cyber-bullying which is something you see every single day in social media and the blogosphere. While the debate was not about cyber-bullying, it did make me think about it and inspired me to write a little something on it, because it is something you see pretty much every day and it is horrid.

Nearly all my experience with social media and blogging has been super-postivie, I get so much great feedback and I meet so many nice people, but yet,  not all girls get this response. Especially those who focus a lot on taking selfies and doing outfit posts. No-one should log on twitter/instagram/their blog (or anywhere else on the internet) and see negative comments from people about their body or face. It’s just not cool.

I do believe that cyber bullying happens by just a small percentage of people, I also believe it says more about the person writing it, than the person getting abuse. There seems to be a group of people who go round celebrities and bloggers spreading hate, and it’s not nice. I once saw a girl getting hate on instagram and it was stopped by the fabulous Amy Lamé, super fast. It made me love Amy Lamé even more than I do already. She’s super cool, confident and intelligent, if you don’t know her, look her up!

So my point is, cyber-bullying is stupid, we all know that, but also, if you don’t like someones hair, don’t tell them. It might not seem like bullying just writing a flippant comment like that, but it might effect the person reading it and who are you to say something about their hair anyway?

So let’s keep it positive and have fun on social media and blogs.  If you see someone getting cyber-bullied with mean comments, maybe step in and say something nice about the photo and point out that beauty comes in different forms and it’s not nice to say mean things online. Maybe if we politely step in and remind people what they are saying, we might be able to stamp out some of the negativity.

Thanks for inviting me along Dermalogica and Selfridges, it was a really interesting debate, and also it is really worth reading more about Dermalogica’s FITE campaign.

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  1. June 14, 2014 / 6:28 pm

    Gutted I couldn’t make it.

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