What I wore this weekend

This weekend I was at the spa at The Grove Hotel, so I spent most of my weekend in a swimming costume and dressing gown, however, I thought I would post a couple of shots of what I wore to go to the hotel, and what I wore to dinner.
I arrived at the hotel wearing a casual vintage dress, Vivienne Westwood pirate boots, a vintage coat, and Vivienne Westwood over night bag.

Within minutes of arriving at the spa I was wearing my swimming costume and throwing on my dressing gown ready for a couple of hours of lounging and treatments! It was wonderful, and you can read more about it here. After an afternoon of spa fun, I got ready for dinner at the Glasshouse. I dressed up nice and I wore some of my favourite things. My dress is black on black polka dots from H&M, my pearls and clutch are both by Chanel, my shoes are Vivienne Westwood. My ring is by Jacey Withers and my nails are painted with OPI. If you think I’m wearing a lot of Chanel, you should have seen the women in there! I saw a Chanel dress worn with Chanel earrings and beads. I saw a lot of good looks in the hotel, so I was pleased I was wearing my good stuff!