Listen up folks! It turns out the UK is a ‘snackered’ nation… What does this mean? Knackered and in need of between meal snacks to keep the energy levels up… Yes! ‘Snackered’ is what this is.

I’m totally guilty of this, I need a snack at 11am, and I need another at 3pm. Quite frankly I can’t wait until lunch, and then later on in the day, I can’t wait til dinner… So I Snack!

It turns out the rest of the nation are needing a snack too, in fact 6% of UK workers even snack in secret in the toilet, which I find shocking.

If like me, you need to snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, that’s ok! Fruit is a great snack, and so are low fat treats like Popchips. Basically, it’s ok to snack, but instead of running for the crisps and chocolate bars, try fruit and healthy treats like Popchips! Yum!


Popcorn crazy!

At the moment I am nuts about popcorn! I have been eating it every day and I can’t get enough of it!

I really like Metcalfe’s skinny popcorn as it’s a low calorie snack that’s delicious and convenient. They do a whole heap of flavours; sweet ‘n’ salty, sweet cinnamon spice, wasabi glaze, hot and sweet, sea salt and chocolate crackle. Something to satisfy every craving!

I like the sweet flavours as a mid-morning snack, and the savoury flavours with lunch when I have soup (it’s healthier than bread and butter). Popcorn is also an incredible alternative to crisps or sweets.

I love the Sweet ‘n’ Salty flavour, it’s both sweet and savoury all in one mouthful and it’s just so yums! This is the flavour which got me hooked on popcorn!

I also can’t get enough of the Wasabi Glaze flavour, I go nuts for wasabi peas and this is a lot more filling and lower fat than wasabi peas! I love having this with soup at lunchtime. I have even been known to drop it in my soup and use as croutons… Also it’s a nicer texture than wasabi peas as it’s less hard to bite into. I would actually pick this popcorn over a small bag of wasabi peas, I love it!

Metcalfe’s popcorn give you a generous portion and it is really low in calories, for instance the Sweet ‘n’ Salty is just 115 calories. That’s a whole lot better than a small bag of crisps or a chocolate bar! But still delicious and a real treat!


Chips for lunch!

These trainers are too, too cool! Today’s Fashion For Lunch is chips on shoes! These trainers are made by Vans and they are sold exclusively at Offspring.
I think they are brilliant, I love chips and I love food themed fashion, making these a fashion must!