Review- Dermalogica Daily facial scrub

So the other week I felt my skin needed a good facial scrub. I just felt like I needed a good thorough wash and scrub to remove dead skin and any scraps of make-up.

So I was in the bathroom, surrounded by products, looking for some scrub when my boyfriend handed me his Dermalogica face scrub, I took a quick look at the simple packing and thought it looked unisex and started to apply it to my face. I instantly felt like this was exactly what I wanted, like dead skin was being exfoliated from my face and I felt clean and fresh. It had no scent and felt like a great quality product. It wasn’t until after I read the back of the product I saw it was meant for men.

To be honest, I find a lot of women’s scrubs just don’t feel effective, I often find myself wondering where the scrub is, almost like a lumpy cleaner! This Dermalogica daily clean scrub felt great, I would only use it once a week for a good deep scrub, but after my skin feels clean, clear and smooth. Its really deep cleansing and I love using it.
It may technically be for men, but it works on me and feels great.

If you are looking for a once/twice a week great scrub, this is brilliant. It isn’t too strong, its not painful, but it is effective. I love using it, my skin feels so good after. Im so glad I tried it, it’s exactly what I was after!


Nicky Clarke Allure Straightener

I’m have bought a lot of hair straighteners in my time, I have always had curly/wavy hair, but the kind that is really prone to frizz. Oh lucky me!

So I love GHD’s, they are brilliant. Super hot, super effective and super quick. However, they do cost a small fortune. These bad boys by Nicky Clarke, I think, are pretty brilliant. Their Max temperature is 230°, so they really pump out the heat! I straightened my hair in minutes with these, they were really smooth and easy to use. They are not at all bulky, so they get in and the root and they are not heavy and cumbersome. They just smooth out your hair, and onto the next section.
I’m really impressed with these, and for the price I do think they are brilliant!
If you need new straighteners. I’d recommend trying these! or view the whole range!
Oh and by the way, I love the snake skin design on it too! It’s pretty snazzy! They look cool on my shelf!


L’oreal Resist and shine titanium nail varnish – shade 710

So I really wanted new nail varnish, I really wanted a metallic grey/black, so I thought I’d give this one a go! L’oreal resist and shine Titanium (shade 710). It’s such a brilliant shade! The colour is spot on, dark, with a shimmer, very cool. Looks great with rings. Exactly what I wanted!

It goes on nice and thick, it gives good coverage with just one coat, you could almost get away with one coat, so I just applied two.

It’s really easy to apply, nice and neat. The finish is really nice too. The only problem is, it is quite slow to dry. So that is a bit annoying.
It’s a good price though and a great colour. And it does last quite well actually, it’s worth trying! Enjoy!



Today I’m wearing

It’s a chilly day and quite frankly I felt a jumper was the only way to go! So today I’m wearing a grey Barbour jumper, Vivienne Westwood orb necklace and vintage Burberry silk scarf.
On my feet, my beloved Vivienne Westwood three strap shoes! If anyone is ever considering buying these, all I can say is you should! I have had them for years, the quality is amazing, they still look good, they don’t look dated and naff and they are still going strong! They are one of my best shoe buys ever!



Serenade me!

Oh be still my beating heart!
I just adore these Charlotte Olympia Serenade wedges! arnt they beautiful?!
These are super wedges! Made out of silk and leather. These are just do sp perfect! Imagine wearing these to a musical, out on broadway or at the ballet?! Perfect for Paris Fashion Week! Perfect for lounging… Just perfect!
Want to know something amazing? Each pair comes with a polaroid of the shoes to stick on the front of the box. Again… Perfect!
Charlotte Olympia is wonderful!





Which ones?! Oh which ones?!

I love Dr Martens, they are brilliant; amazingly well-made, great collaborations, always original, made in England. They are just a super cool brand! I have a lot of time for them. I once even bid in a charity auction to go on a tour round their factory. I didn’t win, I always wish I had bid higher.

The Dr Martens X Liberty range is brilliant, I so have the boos on my wish list, I also really want the liberty print satchel. Its so cool! But I’m a sucker for a sale and I spotted these had a great reduction. They are so cool, classic DM’s with Swarovski crystals on them. The boots and the shoes are brilliant, classic DM styles, just with crystals on them! The only questions is, which ones do I buy?! The shoes or boots!?I think they are both brilliant! Check them out here!

dr martens crysal shoes

dr martens crystal covered boots
PS. At London Fashion Week this season, all the hottest journalists and stylists were wearing DMs. They were the hot piece of footwear of the season! Watch out for them!