Best bomber!

I have been saving this jacket to wear for ages, only problem is, it’s too cool! Where is a girl to where this?!

It’s probably fake, but it’s awesome and I love it! I had to share it as I may never wear it. But I adore it!


Minnie Mouse Project at London Fashion Week

Minnie Mouse has been a busy lady this season inspiring a whole host of designers, from Giles to Hillier, from Piers to Nicoll. This is one hell of an exhibition! After is has been on show at LFW, it will be auctioned off on eBay, I’m not going to lie… I’m interested!

This exhibition was so good, I just loved it! Everything was displayed in red and white polka dot cabinets, every designer was photographed with a Minnie Mouse in the corner of the studio. Everyone had a different take on their muse, and they had all taken her iconography to a different place. Here are my photos… If you are at London Fashion Week pop along and see this. It is really lovely! When you go to reception to get your pass, it is just in the corridor on the left.















The circus has come to town!

I recently popped into the shop Fee Fee La Fou in Dalston, London. For those who don’t know, Dalston is super hip and Fee Fee La Fou is super fun!

So what is it?! Oh it’s just your average Circus themed boutique! This shop is so much fun and it is so fabulous! Inside and outside it is painted a multitude of colours, and it sells everything from art to jewellery, to handbags to light fittings! Basically if it’s circus themed and super fun, it could be there! There is a grab-machine with teddies inside, there is a carousel horse in the corner, a ceiling high spiral slide, chandeliers with toys bursting out!

So what can you buy? Everything! From the bowler hat lamp shade to the art on the walls, the jewellery in the cabinets and the ring master greetings cards! Even the furniture, it’s all fabulous and circus themed and it’s all for sale!

Fee Fee La Fou is located on:
6 Bradbury street,
N16 8JN

From Dalston Kingsland it is just a stones throw. If you are in the area, or in London, you really must pop in! There are so many great things to buy and it’s really fun and not like any other shop I can think of!





Blush me up! Frankly scarlet by Mac

I love a bright red blusher! I love pale skin and red blusher cheeks. I like that doll effect, slightly 80s, slightly Halloween, slightly Lolita, maybe like a vintage puppet. I think it looks cool!

I have known girls to put red lipstick on their cheeks and rub it into foundation to create the effect. Only problem with that is it can give you bad spots on your cheeks as its just so bad for your skin, especially on a night out, where you may not wash it off well enough that night: it’s just not a good idea. But it is really hard to find a bright red blusher. If they seem red in the pot they won’t be as strong on your cheeks. Or they may have a horrid shimmer you just don’t want.

When I found out MAC did a bright red blusher I has to rush off to buy it, I doubted it would be as good as I wanted. But I have to try it! So the look is either right on the apples of your cheek like a vintage doll on flawless pale skin, and big eye make up. Or you can rock it 80s style with it high, at the back of your cheekbones.
I applied foundation and got my brush out. I put a healthy amount on the brush and whacked it on my cheeks. I have to be honest, this stuff is crazy strong and I looked mental. This blusher is the bright red, Matt effect I have been wanting for years. But it is super strong, so if you want red cheeks, this is totally for you, but do apply very, very, very lightly and build it up. It is super strong and dense, which is brilliant. But not for the heavy handed!

I love this blusher, my mum hates it, but I think it’s super cool! I love the colour, I love the density. I like it super light for every day, and I like it applied more densely in the evening. It’s just cool! It’s the blusher I always wanted! However, this blusher is not for everyone, so maybe try it in the store rather than buy it online and do apply super lightly and build up.

It costs £17.50 and can be bought in the MAC stores or on the MAC website. the shade is Frankly Scarlet!



You have lovely hare!

I love buying rings, and I have one ring in particular which I think is really special. It’s just so cute and delicate. I just love it!
It is a tiny little Hare and it is running across my finger! It is made by London jewellery designer, Jacey Withers. All his jewellery is made in Dalston, London by him and he sells so some of the best jewellery and fashion boutiques around the world. I first saw his work at London fashion week many seasons ago and instantly loved it!
His jewellery is lovely because it is all solid silver, it is all handmade and is really beautiful. I like the way it is delicate and intricate, but it has a bit of an edge to it. It is a bit more masculine than other jewellery too. I really love it!
I’m not sure where you can buy the Hare ring, but other pieces in his collection are on sale at the online jewellery boutique Accessories Online


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When you sign up it suggests great blogs you can start following, then you can search for any others you like. Or go to a blog and click the link from there. So you get to see all the blogs you follow in one place. Easy!!!

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Fashion flashback to Charlotte Olympia’s SS12 shoe presentation

London fashion week will be here before you can say ‘top knot and wedge boots’. In anticipation, here are some fashion flashback moments to the Charlotte Olympia shoe presentation of her SS12 collection, it was shown at London Fashion Week in September 2011 and it was one of the best and most beautiful presentations I have ever been to. A stunning location, amazing shoes, beautiful models, great set, really fun, friendly, amazing cocktails, great goody bag and really showcased the collection to its best! The whole presentation really captured the collection. It was lovely! Here are a selection of the snaps I took on the day!
I’m such A fan of Charlotte Olympia, she makes the most beautiful, dreamy shoes.
charlotte olympia ss12 presentation

charlotte olympia press presentation

charlotte olympia press presentation

charlotte olympia press presentation

charlotte olympia presentation

charlotte olympia palm trees

charlotte olympia ss12

charlotte olympia

charlotte olympia