Liberty X Dr Martens boots

These boots by Dr martens X Liberty are too cool for school! I love them so much! I think I need to own them and I need to own them soon! I can’t stop thinking about them! liberty london x dr martens martins DMs Doc martens

A play suit fit for a starlet!

Yesterday I went to the Push PR press day and spotted the cutest playsuit by Tara Starlet.
I have been thinking about that adorable play suit all day long, and had to go on their website to have a look at them. Tara Starlet makes some adorable retro clothing and these play suits are a real pin-up must have! One of each for me please!!!


Button up… It’s cold outside!

I love a teeny, tiny quirky charm necklace, so this one ticks all my boxes! It’s made by Bouton, its made of Stirling silver and is as cute as a button on a chain! I just love it! It’s so cute and wearable and Stirling silver lasts forever. It’s adorable! Perfect for wearing with a heavily printed dress or jumper or layered up with other pendants.

Is it bad I want my boyfriend to have the matching cufflinks? a very possible Christmas gift!


Super obsessed!!!

I can’t stop looking at this jumper from, it’s so cool and I’m so shocked at how cheap it is! This jumper is BADASS! It’s an amazing price and a perfect treat at the end of the month when I want a treat and haven’t yet been paid!


Marni love

I love a geometric print and this fabulous bag by Marni at net-a-porter really ticks my boxes! I love the bold colours, geometric prints and the super easy, super chic style of it! It’s just so fun and lovely!
A great all round bag, I really want it!


Also from Marni is this incredible collar, it’s currently sold out, but one can only hope they will have them back in stock soon. They are very very very special! I love!



Today I’m wearing…

Today I am wearing pink House of Holland X Pretty Polly, these ones are from a few seasons ago, but Pretty Polly tights are brilliant and last ages, so they are always worth buying. Really comfortable too!
I’m wearing them with black pumps, I couldn’t help myself, I saw a DIY opportunity with these pumps and I glue-gunned pom-poms on! Cute right?!
And I’m wearing them with a glitzy vintage Chanel bag from Beyond Retro… Is it real? Who knows! But it’s rather fun!


Bulldog natural skin care for men, reviewed by a man!

For the first time ever, I’m letting someone else loose on my blog to write a guest post and review a product. Why? Well, because I felt a man should review male these grooming products. Being a metrosexual man, he jumped at the chance. Over to you…

Bulldog make natural grooming products for men, they all all made in the UK, contain only natural ingredients and are sold on the high street.

My recent skincare regime has been dominated by so-called salon products. The only problem with these is their limited availability; should I run out of whilst travelling, I cannot simply run into Boots and replenish my dwindling supplies. I have often considered trying high street products, but felt they were more focused on advertising, then actual results.

I generally start each morning with a facial steam, which although sounding somewhat time consuming, is actually achieved using a flannel run under slightly too hot water. After 30 seconds I remove the flannel and make a bleary eyed grab for the facial cleanser. After my first squeeze ends up sliding off my palm, I finally trap a small bead and start rubbing onto my face. I immediately notice a natural scent, which is certainly not overpowering, but freshens the face without the use of huge amounts of menthol. Not content with a simple cleanse, I decide on a scrub, to help lift my stubble before shaving. The scrub doesn’t so much scrub, as deploys squishy micro beads onto the skin, which can be pushed around, seemingly doing very little. However, on rinsing my face, the key areas of nose and forehead feel surprisingly smooth. Shaving for me is often the deal breaker when it comes to choosing product. I certainly don’t want my neck to become irritated, taking on that rather lovely red spotty look. bulldogs shaving product comes in gel form and is easily distributed, whilst not creating so much foam, you cannot clearly see the line. My razor easily runs across the face, leaving no stubble and more importantly no rash or cuts. To finish I use a cold flannel, before applying the aftershave balm and daily moisturiser. Both products are non-greasy leaving the skin smooth to touch. The balm is calming, whilst leaving a faint hint of natural essences.

Certainly I have been surprised by Bulldogs effectiveness considering the relatively low price point. For those men wanting to escape the high streets standard advertised offerings, but not willing to jump into the salon; Bulldog certainly provides the perfect set of products. A great range of products at a very reasonable price. I would definitely buy these products again.