Ray Bans on sale!!

It’s getting colder so it’s the perfect time to buy new sunnies! Let’s be frank, shops have discounts on sunglasses at the moment, and that coat and sunglasses look is too cool for school! Autumn is the best because you get to wear that chic coat without all the crazy layers, and the sun is bright so sunglasses are needed, making it perfect fashion weather!

Invest in new sunglasses now to get a bargain and see the bright cold days in style!
BrandAlley have a great Ray ban promotion on at the moment, see here!




Lovely jewels

I recently heard about Pearl and Queenie, they are a new jewellery brand and they make the most beautiful Stirling silver jewellery! It’s all made in the uk, it has a really traditional British feel to it, very horsey and romantic. It is very beautiful! It’s right up my street and I’m smitten with it! Here are some pieces I have my eyes on! I love love love this range!







Priscilla queen of shoes!

I just adore Charlotte Olympia, I may have blogged about her shoes before, just once or twice! But I just adore them!
Here’s the next pair on my wish list. The Priscilla in stripes shoes, so beautiful, so special and super fun.
I so want to own these, they are too cute! Perfect for wearing with pretty much any dress! Let’s be honest, there’s so many colours in them, so you can wear them with everything going! Oh I love them!! But first on my wish list is still the kitty flats, but these are on my dream list… enjoy!




Oh no! There’s make-up on my top!

I just adore this top from www.mywardrobe.com, it is so cute!
It is by Cheap & Chic by Moschino and it is the most adorable make-up print, made from 100% silk and has pearls round the neck. It really is so chic and so cute! I love Moschino at the best of times, but this is a real cutie!


PS. If you have never bought from mywardrobe.com before, it’s a great website to buy from, their customer service is fantastic, their shipping rates are really good and they often send you codes for money off new collections! So it’s a great website to shop on, plus their buyers pick fantastic pieces!

Love tea… Love scarves!

I love buying scarves! I just love it, I can’t help it, I just love big beautiful silk scarves, with rolled edges. I’m a big scarf fan! I’m also a big tea fan, mainly herbal teas, I love the smell of them, the taste of them, they just make me happy!
Who would have guessed teas and scarves would find a meeting point? Well they have, in the form of this stunning Temperley for Twinings silk scarf. It’s made of 100% rough silk, it’s huge and delicious to wear. Designed by the amazing Alice Temperley, this scarf has the most beautiful print of tea leaves and their original journey from China to the UK many moons ago. I love the subtle compass, the flowers. It’s beautiful colours. So perfectly Temperley, and so perfectly Twinings, it’s just beautiful!
Since I got this scarf I haven’t really wanted to take it off! It’s so beautiful to wear, it’s silk and luxurious and so huge! It can be wrapped round, hung loose or worn in a bow! I love it!
You can find these limited edition scarves on the Twinings website. I have worn it every day since I have got it! I wore it with my Vivienne Westwood coat and Chanel brooch.

Them I wore it with my Luella coat and Vivienne Westwood brooch.

When I took my coat off, I kept the scarf on and wore it with a COS skirt and vintage blue striped jumper.

I love a fashion investment! This scarf has made me very happy!



Review- Dermalogica Daily facial scrub

So the other week I felt my skin needed a good facial scrub. I just felt like I needed a good thorough wash and scrub to remove dead skin and any scraps of make-up.

So I was in the bathroom, surrounded by products, looking for some scrub when my boyfriend handed me his Dermalogica face scrub, I took a quick look at the simple packing and thought it looked unisex and started to apply it to my face. I instantly felt like this was exactly what I wanted, like dead skin was being exfoliated from my face and I felt clean and fresh. It had no scent and felt like a great quality product. It wasn’t until after I read the back of the product I saw it was meant for men.

To be honest, I find a lot of women’s scrubs just don’t feel effective, I often find myself wondering where the scrub is, almost like a lumpy cleaner! This Dermalogica daily clean scrub felt great, I would only use it once a week for a good deep scrub, but after my skin feels clean, clear and smooth. Its really deep cleansing and I love using it.
It may technically be for men, but it works on me and feels great.

If you are looking for a once/twice a week great scrub, this is brilliant. It isn’t too strong, its not painful, but it is effective. I love using it, my skin feels so good after. Im so glad I tried it, it’s exactly what I was after!