Models Own Pro range

I have recently started buying Models Own Pro nail varnishes. I have always loved Models Own, but only recently discovered the Pro range. While the colours are still amazing, the quality is just slightly better, it lasts longer and you need less coats. They are amazing on their own or with a glitter top coat!
And FYI, the silver blows my mind!


Product review – Purely Natural Skincare

I was sent a sample of Purely Natural Facial Oil a few weeks ago, and it was my first experience with handmade natural face oils. I was a bit taken a-back by the packaging, as it looks so homemade, it is also much cheaper than any other face oils I have ever used. However, I gave it a whirl and kept an open mind. I love the fact it is handmade and totally natural. It’s vegan and not tested on animals, which I also love.
I was really surprised at how lovely this product smells, it smells really beautiful and natural. You squirt it into you hands, and rub it into your skin, it applies easily and doesn’t feel too heavy. I use it at night and when I wake up it’s soaked in and my skin feels great. I have been using it for weeks now, and it is lovely.
I’m really impressed with this product and really impressed at the price too. It’s quite brilliant. It has made me sit up and take notice of handmade, natural brands!


Product Review- Elemis Fresh skin make up wipes

I love Elemis products, so when I was at the Clothes Show live in Birmingham, I made sure I stopped by to visit and scoop up a pack of Elemis Fresh Skin make up wipes!
I am alway from my flat this week, and I had remembered to pack facial cleanser, but not make-up remover, so this was something I really needed to get!
I’m always a fan of Elemis, but these make-up wipes are really great, they removed my make-up really well, even my mascara. They are non-greasy and really quick and simple to use.
Some face wipes irritate my skin and make my eyes sting, these ones didn’t.
I’m really impressed with these, they are clean, quick, simple and work well! They are gentle on my skin, but actually remove make up without leaving my skin oily.


Product review – Models Own hi-definer pro eyeliner

I love Models Own nail varnish, so I was pretty excited to get this eyeliner. However, I’m really disappointed with it, the package looks cool, the brush is easy to use, however, it applies quite badly. It doesn’t make a good solid line, so I ended up having to wait for it to dry, then I added another layer on. Which I think is quite unusual. Most eyeliners only need one coat.
After two coats it looked ok, but when I check it 5 hours later at lunch time, it dried and gone into lumps which wiped away.
I got given this in a goodie bag at the Clothes Show, so I’m not out of pocket, but I’m quite shocked at how bad this is. Especially since their nail varnishes are so good!