Product review – Models Own hi-definer pro eyeliner

I love Models Own nail varnish, so I was pretty excited to get this eyeliner. However, I’m really disappointed with it, the package looks cool, the brush is easy to use, however, it applies quite badly. It doesn’t make a good solid line, so I ended up having to wait for it to dry, then I added another layer on. Which I think is quite unusual. Most eyeliners only need one coat.
After two coats it looked ok, but when I check it 5 hours later at lunch time, it dried and gone into lumps which wiped away.
I got given this in a goodie bag at the Clothes Show, so I’m not out of pocket, but I’m quite shocked at how bad this is. Especially since their nail varnishes are so good!


FFL gift guide- what to buy your secret Santa

If you have a secret Santa, it can be hard, but this is a gift perfect for pretty much anyone. I have this Neals Yard Candle and it is pure joy! You could give this to anyone, a mum, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, everyone would love it! Which is why it is a perfect secret Santa gift, it’s perfect for everyone and everyone! It’s just perfect!


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage jumper, it’s so cosy, I can’t tear myself away from this thing. I’m all about keeping warm at the moment! I’m wearing it with a vintage umbrella print scarf and my beloved Chanel pearls. They were probably one of the best gifts I have ever been given! I love them!

In all other news, I’m still hooked on buying indie nail polish on Etsy and I’m also using Bliss lip scrub and Lanolips lip balm like my life depends on it! My skin is so dry from the cold, these two products and helping me not too look like I live in a cave!


Today I’m wearing

Today it’s freeeeezing in London, so I’m hunkering down in my red vintage sequinned jumper (again!) it’s so warm, I can barely take it off my back at the moment! I just don’t want to wear anything else! I’m wearing it with my Gemma Lister collar and Vivienne Westwood apple brooch. I nipped out earlier in my warmest black coat, Pirate boots and vintage Longchamp bag.
A girl has to keep warm!



Darling, pass me my indie nail polish!

Recently I have been obsessed with searching through Etsy for indie nail polish brands. I had no idea this even existed until a few weeks ago, but I am suddenly hooked on it!
I love indie brands, but I never knew there were girls making indie nail polish!
I love painting my nails, my favourite look is a bold coloured base coat, with a glitter top coat.
You can often buy a multi-coloured glitter top coat which looks amazing on top of loads of different base coats. So you can wear the same glitter top coat over, red, blue, yellow, white… And you get a different effect with each one! It’s so much fun for experimenting and also widens your options!
I took the plunge with indie nail varnish brand Darling Diva, shipped over from America and made by hand, these bad boys are pretty special! I find indie brands experiment more with colours as well as size and shapes of glitter. I guess because they aren’t making thousands of bottles they can play around more. The whole experience is just so much more fun than regular nail polish! I love Darling Diva polishes because they are loads of amazing colours and glitters to choose from. The photos on Etsy are really clear and also there is such a great choice it means that you can buy a few bottles and combine shipping costs. I got three bottles of nail varnish, but so far I have only worn two of them, so I’m sure the third colour will pop up in an outfit post soon! Also, they smell much nicer than normal nail varnishes, which is weird, but it’s much nicer. Darling diva polishes dry quickly and leave a really lovely, super glossy finish! I’m obsessed!!!