Classic jewels!

I’m obsessed with scarves, I adore them! This season is very exciting for me as there’s a lot of classic scarf prints around, but not just on scarves, they have found their way onto other things too!
This Versace dress is so scarf-like and I love it! It’s so classic Versace, it’s brilliant! It’s from and it’s brilliant!
Ps-my styling advice would be to wear it with a crown on your head, much like the one in the print! Brilliant!


Pencil me in!

Omg! This is super fun! I used to have a pencil shaped scarf from a Scandinavian knitwear company, and I can’t find it anywhere! So I had a google and ASOS do this little gem. One word… Need!
I just love this, it’s a great price too!!!



Sail away!

Many moons ago I fell in love with Alex Monroe’s famous Bee necklace, I love it and I often wear it. It always gets the compliments, but recently I spied this little gem on his website, this adorable Sailing boat necklace, it’s so charming!
I love Alex Monroe’s quirky little charm necklaces and this one is a real cutie!


Laura, this is lovely!

I really love this Laura Ashley toile bedding. It’s a really fun take on a classic print! Traditionally toile prints come in blue, grey, even greens, but never before have I seen a pink toile print! I just love this, it’s just the cutest thing. It is also rather lovely as 10% of every sale goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
This bedding is charming and supports a great cause!
I love Laura Ashley products, they are great quality and really enjoyable. I grew up in a house full of Laura Ashley and I still love it so much I actually own a few shares in them! They are a great British company!


Pearls and tea

Today I’m wearing a black lace polka dot dress from h&m, I used to wear SO many polka dots but I have stopped wearing them these days. But I do really love this dress, as the polka dots are in the lace.
I’m wearing it with a Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace and my beautiful Twinings X Temperley scarf, which I love and I never seem to take off!

On my feet I’m wearing my Vivienne Westwood roman three strap shoes, still going strong after years of wear and classic black Pretty Polly tights! They are fantastic quality and a great price. Plus I love anything made in the UK!