Sail away!

Many moons ago I fell in love with Alex Monroe’s famous Bee necklace, I love it and I often wear it. It always gets the compliments, but recently I spied this little gem on his website, this adorable Sailing boat necklace, it’s so charming!
I love Alex Monroe’s quirky little charm necklaces and this one is a real cutie!


Laura, this is lovely!

I really love this Laura Ashley toile bedding. It’s a really fun take on a classic print! Traditionally toile prints come in blue, grey, even greens, but never before have I seen a pink toile print! I just love this, it’s just the cutest thing. It is also rather lovely as 10% of every sale goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.
This bedding is charming and supports a great cause!
I love Laura Ashley products, they are great quality and really enjoyable. I grew up in a house full of Laura Ashley and I still love it so much I actually own a few shares in them! They are a great British company!


Pearls and tea

Today I’m wearing a black lace polka dot dress from h&m, I used to wear SO many polka dots but I have stopped wearing them these days. But I do really love this dress, as the polka dots are in the lace.
I’m wearing it with a Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace and my beautiful Twinings X Temperley scarf, which I love and I never seem to take off!

On my feet I’m wearing my Vivienne Westwood roman three strap shoes, still going strong after years of wear and classic black Pretty Polly tights! They are fantastic quality and a great price. Plus I love anything made in the UK!


Scott’s up?

I love Jeremy Scott, his designs are incredible. Fun and quirky, they are totally hip and totally cool. I love how playful his designs are, his chips dress actually rocked my whole world!
I saw this bag in New York in Opening Ceremony and I have been thinking about it since then. It’s on the Selfridges website and I’m TOTALLY tempted by it!
It’s a collaboration between Jeremy Scott and Longchamp and I think it is brilliant! I have the Mary Katrantzou X Longchamp, but I think I need this one too!


Today I’m wearing

Today I went for a super scruffy old dress with a long cardigan, i won’t lie, I didn’t look good. My make up wasn’t great and my hair wasn’t great either. What’s a girl to do?! I pinned my hair up in a messy up-do and clipped my hair up with a Chanel hair clip. It’s a hair clip I have had for a while, I just adore it, it feels really special to wear!



Toms my kind of guy

This morning I went to the Toms Press day. I always think of Toms as being quite cool, casual, summer laid back style. Mostly worn by the type of person who goes to Cornwall for the summer to live in a summer home and surf with friends! It’s cool and stylish but very casual and carefree!

However, let’s not forget Toms is an ethical brand. For every pair you buy, Toms give a pair to a child in need. Since Toms started in 2006 they have grown massively, however, they still always give one for one, which is now millions of pairs. Infact, they give shoes to children in over 40 countries around the world.

Toms is famous for doing shoes, but they have recently launched eyewear too. These are super stylish classic shapes of shades, aviators with wire and plastic frames. All classic shapes, flattering and wearable. Basically, the kind of sunnies you need and feel good in. They do loads of different coloured frames, so while the shape of the shades are kept classic, the frames are more playful. I really love the coloured tips on the arms too, they are really cute and a fun twist! The Toms eyewear is again, one for one. Meaning every pair sold gives sight to one person, how? Either prescription glasses, sight saving glasses or medical treatment. Which is an amazing and massive commitment on the part of Toms.

I do love the fact Toms is really ethical, I think it is amazing. £110-£130 is a normal price for a pair of sunglasses, but it’s amazing when you think of the fact it is giving someone else sight. I hate to sound selfish too, but Toms is cool, it’s chic and fun. I like how playful and cute the sunglasses are and how flattering they look. In short, Toms look good. So the ethical part is a wonderful bonus!

So the shoes! Well, there are so many new prints and colours coming out, it’s a wonderful array of colours and prints to choose from!

There are also also some amazing wedges coming out! Everyone loves wedges these days because they look cool and they are so much more comfortable than regular heels! I’m loving these Toms wedges- so cute!


Toms also have some rather snazzy shoes coming out for Movember, so this is just a sneaky look, but I couldn’t resist blogging about them. They are too cute! Check out the tiny tash on the side of the shoes!


The Tiny Toms range is adorable for children, I don’t know much about Childrens fashion, but I thought these were lovely! Tons shoes are also ethically made, sustainable and often vegan too.

The eyewear was also really special, I loved pretty much every pair, because they are so classic simple shapes, so they are really chic and easy to wear and then they bring the fun in by playing with colours of frames and tips. Let’s be honest, all all black and tortoiseshell range if sunglasses would be so dull! Here are some of my faves, the packaging is cute too.



So that’s what’s going on this summer at Toms! Great shoes, great eyewear and amazing ethics. A lot of brands could learn a lot from Toms. The products are great, the branding is clean and simple, and the ethics and social responsibility is amazing too! One for One!