Today I’m wearing

Today is too cold for me! I’m cuddled up in a cashmere jumper and simple black cos skirt. So to make up for my warm yet slightly dull clothing my hands are dressed up in all kinds of finery. My Nails are white with pink Models Own mirror ball pink glitter nail varnish. My ring is Vivienne Westwood and my bracelet is Hermes. There’s nothing like a bit of hand candy to brighten up an outfit!


Christmas Cowshed!

I first discovered Cowshed at Shoreditch House, they make great beauty products! I love the packing, I love the scent, it is great product and it makes a great gift because it’s a great luxury product, but it’s also a cool brand to have in your bathroom!

This week Brandalley are selling Cowshed products at a great price! It’s a great time to start the Christmas shopping! This set is really lovely, it is normally £42, but this week it is £21. I also really love this candle, which is normally £44, but this week on BrandAlley it is £21.50! The sale runs until Sunday!



Product review – Elemis fresh skin deep clean purifying face mask

I hate to admit it, but I get blackheads. I blame living in London, but I’m constantly trying to get rid of them. Today I used Elemis freshskin deep clean purifying face mask.
It comes in a sachet, it is a clay mask, it contains frankincense oil, extract of goji berry and vitamin E. The clay applied easily and smoothly, it was meant to be on for 10 minutes, but I left it on for about 20 minutes. It washed off fairly easily with a flannel and I am pleased to tell you it’s brilliant! My blackheads are so much better after one use, in fact, I don’t really care about them now! They are barely there! It’s amazing! In general my skin now feels really smooth, really clean and great. But mostly I’m impressed with the effect it has had on my blackheads, especially after just one use. I wish I had used this months ago! Highly recommended!


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage floral dress I feel like I have had for years! I jazzed it up with a clashing print Laura Ashley scarf, and my beloved Katie Mullally peg necklace. I love this peg necklace, I think it’s so cute!


Product review – Antipodes Organic Avocado Oil & Rosehip face oil

I take a lot of skincare advice from my mum, she always uses lovely products and she has tried and tested quite a few over the years! It was my mum who recommended Antipodes products to me.

This Organic Avocado oil & Rosehip divine facial oil is just so so so beautiful! It is a face oil which comes in a bottle with a little dropper. It applies easily and feels incredible on your skin. I love the scent of this, it is so delicious and spa-like. I use this at night, and it feels lovely on your face. It soaks in nicely and in the morning my skin feels really soft and smooth, but never greasy.

I love using this face oil, it’s a nice size bottle for a reasonable price and it’s organic, which I always love. My mum says its good for her wrinkles, as it helps collagen production in the skin. I refuse to look at my skin that closely, therefore I don’t believe I have any. I love this product, it’s a real pleasure to use! Mums give good beauty advice!