Buy British, literally!

Today is the start of a flash sale on Cocosa, and it’s a really good one! Vivienne Westwood scarves, I think we all know I love a good scarf, but this one is really cool and a nice reference to the wonderful patriotic summer we have had in London this year! Made of wool and silk and 55% off the retail price… This is Great (Britain)


Winter warmers from Sibling

It’s getting chilly and I need my winter warmers. Why dig out last years when you can treat yourself to new ones? I love these pieces by Sibling available from Hervia, the hat is too cute with the pom-poms! Surely the pom-poms will keep you warm and cosy, if you don’t feel it, you will look it at least!

I also adore these really fun gloves, ‘love’ and ‘hate’, part rock n roll, part fashion. Very cool!

I’m a sucker for accessories that match clothing, and I love the idea of wearing this jumper dress with the pom-pom hat! What a cute cute cute outfit!
I love these winter warmers!


Bastyan love

About ten years ago I found a dress I absolutely adored. It was black with a v-neck and beads and crystals and a cameo all stitched around the neck. I thought it looks so beautiful and so special I just had to have it. It reminded me of a vintage couture dress, I bought it and I bought the matching cardigan. I still have them both, they are beautiful items of clothing.
Ten years has gone by and now and the design due Press & Bastyan no longer exists, but Tonia Bastyan still designs under her own name. Her clothes are beautiful, well-made and so special, they still have a vintage vibe and I love her designs.

This week Cocosa have a Bastyan flash sale on, up to 41% off. How exciting, there are some amazing items in the sale, some stunning black dresses with amazing details of crystals, frills, fringing, lace… I love! Here are my faves!





It’s not a game! It’s my handbag!

This bag could be mistaken for a giant piece of a domino set, but actually it’s a beautiful and slightly quirky handbag!
Made by the amazing Charlotte Olympia this domino clutch is just so special, I couldn’t help but dedicate another blog to the brand.
All I can say is I love love love!




J’adore Mawi

Be still my beating heart, I just adore these Mawi earrings from, they are so 1920s, so fabulous, oh yes, I’m in love!!!!