Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage jewel print blouse, with a Vivienne Westwood safety pin necklace.
My nails are painted grey base coat by Bad Apple, with an array of glitter nail polishes painted on each later. Starting with my little finger nail, it is Lush Lacquer, then Darling Diva pink glitter top coat. My middle finger is Candy Lacquer. My index finger is again Darling diva, this time green glitter. My thumb is Lush Lacquer Party Rockin… A lot of glitter today! It was so much fun to do!
My boots are Vivienne Westwood.




Product review- Elemis FreshSkin moisture boost serum

I really love Elemis products, I think they are great quality and they always do a good job of making my skin look and feel great!
The new FreshSkin range is great, it is for a younger audience than their regular products, but I really like it because it is just simple and effective. It’s fragrance free, effective, but never too heavy. I have blogged about the face wipes already, which I am still using every day. They are non-greesy, don’t irritate my skin or eyes, and remove all my make-up. Brilliant!
I have recently been using the Elemis FreshSkin moisture boost serum. I’m really like it, normally I find serums quite heavy and only suitable for night time use. But this is lighter. It feels like it is water based rather than a heavy oil base. It applies quickly and smoothly, soaks in fast and you just don’t really have to think about it.
The best part is though, that I keep touching my face and my skin feels really soft and smooth. I really like this product, I really like the effect it has on my skin, and it’s really hassle free, it’s light and does make my skin feel fresh and clean. It’s designed for younger skin, and it’s really great. View the range here!


Today I’m wearing

Today I’m wearing a vintage shirt with very dapper looking chaps printed all over it. My mum bought me this for Christmas, I think she picked well! It’s a great print!
My cat necklace is by Red Brick, I love it so much. They do amazing items, I’m eying up their scarves. There’s so many brilliant prints.

My nail polish is by Bad Apple, I love the shade of grey. I’m really into their nail polishes, they dry fast and the colours are brilliant! I love it when my nails match my clothing.

My sister is visiting this weekend, she has great style, so I may well post some of her outfits over the next few days.

Badass wedges by Office

I’m loving these lace up wedges by Office. These shoes are fabulous and fierce! They are so cool! Wedge shoes are looking to be big for a few more seasons, and a statement platform is deffo the coolest way to rock the right now. I love the contrasting neon florals with the soft grey. Very cool!
These are shoes to be complimented on! Boom!


New polish obsession

I have a new nail polish obsession! Bad Apple Cosmetics nail polish.
I love, love, love their shades. They are kind of unusual, they do loads of shades which are like oil slick and they change shades in different lights. I love that! They also do a great top/base coat, and I love their grey because it has a slight hint towards blue. They make great base coats to put glitter top costs on too.
They apply really easily and smoothy, they only need two normal coats, and they dry really fast.
When I wear them, I feel like I have sexy oil slick on my nails! Here are some examples!




Today I’m wearing

I love, love, love Meadham Kirchhoff, when they opened a show with girls dressed as Courtney, I thought my heart would explode. I LOVE hole, I love Courtney, I still have all my Courtney dresses, I don’t wear Peter pan collars and bleach my hair for anyone else!
When I found out Meadham Kirchhoff had exclusively designed a range of sweatshirts for Amazon, I had to get involved!
Today I’m wearing a Meadham Kirchhoff X Amazon unicorn sweatshirt, with a detachable collar by Gemma Lister, I love those pink crystals!

As a homage to hole, I dug out my old hairclip, these bad boys are rare and special, I have had it forever!

My nails are painted with OPI nail polish with Models Own glitter ball topcoat on one finger and Lush Lacquer salt and pepper on my other nail.

My rings are both by Vivienne Westwood.